1 Bra 6 Options

Have you ever find beautiful blouse or dress suitable for a party or meeting, but when you want to put a particular case, you discover that you have a comfortable bra in your wardrobe?

Lisca presents an excellent solution where conventional bras are not appropriate.

Multifunction bra bridzhitka series of Lisca-Unique, made of soft jacquard, with elegant looks and outlines under clothing. At the same time the bra may be worn in several ways-to fully adapt the choice of clothing.Of course, it can be worn with standard straps can and strap around the neck, and if you want to show bare shoulders, you can wear a bra without straps or wrap the straps around the abdomen, which will allow you to display an alluring goal back and nevertheless will continue to superior stability and comfort.

Multifunction bra will surely intrigue and future brides, as well as women who like to wear clothes suitable for parties, chic summer clothes and such modern designs-Unique to this bra is suitable for a wide selection of clothes. Pamper yourself with a bra with six different options.