12 Women’s Intimate Health Care

Daily Habits Can Cooperate Directly For The Intimate Health Of The Woman, Adopt All Of Them And Stay Healthy.

Today we will talk about how much care with your panties can cooperate directly with your intimate health, avoiding vaginal irritations, candids, infections and allergies.

  1. Avoid washing your panties in the shower, but if this is your only option wash with mild soap or coconut soap, do not use shampoos or body soap;
  2. Do not let under any circumstances your panties dry in the bathroom, the humidity of this environment helps in the spread of fungi;
  3. If you are to wash the panties mixed with other clothes in the machine, put them in a bag (those for delicate pieces), so that the contact of the intimate part with the others diminishes;
  4. The ideal is to wash the panties by mixing them only with bras, pajamas and sheets;
  5. Avoid using soapy powder and fabric softener to wash your intimate parts, as they are not totally eliminated in the rinse;
  6. Do not wear a wet bikini all day;
  7. Sleep without panties to let the vaginal region breathe;
  8. Avoid using mini absorbents, they contribute to fungal spread;
  9. Intimate soaps can eliminate the growth of Döderlein Bacilli, responsible for maintaining acidic, healthy pH of the vagina, avoid using them;
  10. If you still prefer to use intimate soaps, opt for those containing lactic acid in your formula;
  11. Cleaning with toilet paper should be done in the direction of the vagina to the anus so that there is no contamination of the bacteria coming from the intestine;
  12. During menstruation, the internal or external absorbents should be changed within a maximum of 4 hours apart.

If you do something wrong about taking care of your panties, reconsider changing your habits. Intimate health is something fundamental so that lingerie or any part of fashion makes you feel good.

As a woman we have so many obligations in one day and everything we can do to collaborate with our routine is welcome. So if I can give you some advice that sums up all these items is: have habits that work for your health!