28 Bra Method of Affixing Straps

The British market was presented bra that promises to be a breakthrough in the industry underwear, says British tabloid “Daily Mail”

“Diamond Boutique’s Limitless Bra”, the brainchild of Frank Lampard was voted the most innovative accessory market for lingerie. Bra offers the opportunity for all women to choose their own style and to surprise every time your partner. Moreover, the straps can be adapted to any type of dress. Bra sold as puzzles l, respectively, two cups and many pairs of straps that can be attached to underwear in 28 different ways. This is enough to enable women to not get bored with her own underwear. 12 months were needed of the creator of intimate lingerie to reach the final result, as the bra is available in shades of black and skin color. BGNES