9 Tips on How to Wash Our Bra

  1. Wash your bras often
    largely depends on lifestyle and personal hygiene, but experts recommend bras to be washed after every third dressing.If this is a sports car, you should wash with lukewarm water after each wear. Cold water helps maintain elasticity him.
  2. Wash by hand
    gentle soap and lukewarm water are the best allies in extending the life of your bra.Thus, Bane, the shape and elasticity are maintained.
  3. If you use the washing machine-Choose the lightest mode
    If you do not have enough time to wash bras by hand, then choose the lightest programs laundry. And most importantly do not wash with hot water, because it will harm you quickly underwear.
  4. Squeeze bra before washing
    Make sure before you throw laundry hooks are tight and Bane not fed.Otherwise, they can damage your other clothes.
  5. Use bags for laundry
    To avoid warping, tousle of matter and such damage can take advantage of compact bags for laundry.You can buy them quickly and easily in online shops for underwear.
  6. Stay away from bleach
    to keep the elasticity and quality of the fabric, Avoid using strong detergents. Especially bleach.
  7. Do not mix different colors in the laundry
    Although this rule applies to every wash, it is essential to your underwear.Bras contain synthetics and can stain a lot of your other clothes. You do not have to do an experiment to run a white shirt and red bra if you are not crazy fans of pink.
  8. Do not put heavy stuff in the washing machine with linen
    jeans, sheets, towels, blankets-all things that experts recommend not to wash with bras. The reason is because of the weight you can damage them.
  9. Never dry your bra in the dryer
    fine clothes should not be put in the oven, because of the very high temperatures in it.