A World Shaped Stud … but We are not Going too far?

Here, I must say, I had to give my opinion: do not talk about it! Okay the trend, which is fine for a time were also pleasant and trendy, but now really enough! What do I mean ?? But the studs! Not a day that does not leave the house and see someone not dressed simply but RI-clad studs and often in total look preposterous! I admit, a time when I liked and I also put on there was. Last season, in fact, in the summer especially, were very strong trend and present and was fine, were worn. But in small doses. I am always for small doses, for that detail that enriches and not out of place, supplementing but not alter. I then created the outfit simple: long skirts and t-shirt combined with a studded shoe maybe, but they had only a glimpse of what was the tendency boss or rock that is said.


But then I did not understand how we got to this situation so unfortunate. I leave the house and I find no people but studs. Studs everywhere. Invaded the windows of shops. As if it rained from the sky, as if they were coming from the asphalt. I fear that the Christmas decorations are suddenly changed and that instead of the balls begin to use the large silver studs, which instead of streamers in the street there are long strings of golden spikes studded with lots of sleet to embellish them. And inside the presents under the tree? I’m scared! Please tell me that you have NOT asked sneakers studded boots or studded with golden glitter! Really I’m sick and guilt was of a particular event, I admit.


Steps for shoes in all models, in all materials, in all colors, studded and pluridecorate. Steps for ripped jeans, shortened, bleached and studded. Steps for bags that can weigh up to 7-8 pounds in some cases (empty eh, no tuuuuuttta our stuff). Steps for the cover of the cell so that they can no longer be put in your pocket (I challenge you to do it, especially those in the back of the jeans). Steps for hair clips (all of them incendierei). Steps for rings (?). Steps for portfolios (may sometimes function as anti-robbery, let’s keep this). Steps for manicure (I just wrote a lie).Steps for giubottini of jeans also homemade. But I absolutely can not pass on the vision of the intimate studded.

That is, but we realize? I really can not imagine anyone in the clothing decides to wear a bra or a pair of slip packed with studs and borchiettine. But outside of the tastes that are clearly often subjective, I ask myself and I ask you … we will not really overdoing the object mania studded?We will not be a bit ‘too taking seriously the trend? Reflect together and let’s move on… the moods change almost twice a year for luck!