Academy – With What Lingerie Will I Go?

Lately there is a wave of “good form” in instagram, face, twitter, pinterest, anyway … all that is social network photos of women with perfect body are posted daily.

Every woman always thinks she needs to lose a few pounds, does not she ?! So we decided to make a post about lingerie in the gym, for those who do not like to wear a bra, follow several top options and the indication of each one. Get inspired to enter the gym already!

Usually those who go to the gym or play sports know that you can not train in any lingerie, after all you need comfort and safety. The lingerie brand Love Secrets has created a collection called Sport Intimate, which, as the name suggests, brings the sporty style to intimate fashion.

The collection has three lines: Pilates, LightPRO and SCULP.

All are made in cotton lycra, in addition to fresh microfiber fabric and antibacterial system. Another novelty is that the pieces were designed to eliminate the need to use old support bras or two tops to support larger breasts.

To wear with a  super tight garment, the less the stitching the better the lingerie.Second-skin type lingerie, especially those with a microfiber compressor effect, are ideal, and the various models available can still sharpen your waistline.

In the case of  front or back necklines,  the perfect lingerie makes it look like you are not wearing anything while protecting your body. Choose removable strap bras  that can fit in various shapes and use different bulge designs to get the most out of your production.

The   gym clothes should be durable and the main one that has a cool and thin mesh, but durable for the skin of the body to breathe better.

It’s no use going after the cheap, gym clothes are expensive, because of the kind of mesh they offer to the consumer. A good mesh has thickness, dress well, well marks the curves of the female body, impeccably combines the colors and has bold model.

Nowadays the clothes of gymnastics are very charming and elegant, also counting on the comfort for the women who like to work out.

And the main thing is better to have few pieces in the closet, which are sturdy, than to have many, and to spoil in a minute. The fashionable gym requires good taste and durability.