Anticellulite Lingerie

Have you tried all anti-cellulite products and would still not eradicate the hated orange peel? We have a new discovery, the lingerie remodeladota Janira Anticell is cellulite!

Anticellulite Lingerie

Since the summer trends ever us challenge we wore clothes more tight as ever shorter shorts or dresses “cut out”, eliminate cellulite on our legs becomes our main goal.

Although several studies have shown that the cellulite is present in 90-98% of women, these data can they comfort us but do not prevent us to stop fighting to reduce as far as possible, against cellulite.

It can be that you’ve tried the thousand and an anti-cellulite cosmetic products that exist in the market, but since, we present you a new discovery that we are sure you will love.

Can you imagine that a garment lingerie, in addition to reshape your figure and defining figure will help fight cellulite? As we leave you to imagine because we found it. Janira firm that already had its Secrets line of clothing shaping with a styling function, this summer presents a revolution: Anticell underwear.

This new garment, contains anti-cellulite microcapsules integrated in the fabric thread attached to the firming effects of pattern design and clothing, produce an reducing effect at the same time combat the orange peel. It is ideal because you can put it throughout the day even for sleep and the properties of this garment lingerie will be working all day.

The secret of this new piece of lingerie lies in its unique technology of microencapsulation designed by Novarel, has chosen the active ingredients that are found in anti-cellulite cosmetics such as caffeine, Retinol, Ceramides, vitamin E, fatty acids and Aloe Vera.

And what % of effectiveness does? As Janira Anticell has tested effect reduction of 76% efficiency. In addition,, is the faith, but to do so you must use it constantly and onwards began to notice the results. Although cellulite is not gone, yes it is true that we have managed to reduce it and that is appreciated especially now that comes the time of the uncover and show off bikini.

But in addition, Anticell has the advantage regarding other models that exist in the market that its reducing effect is maintained during more than 100 wash, so there is no fear. Among various models, Anticell is presented by way of braga silhouette, flat belly braga, culotte silhouette and tight flat stomach.

View thinking which you like more because it is a new method to fight cellulite in a comfortable and functional way.