Armani Has New Lingerie Line

It is curious. But if I had to choose an image from the elegance, the Lady Victoria Beckham would occupy one of the latest posts on my list. Isn’t that not seen well, your wallet allows you to buy products and best stylists of the market, also has a body very nice, but is that all will agree that elegance goes beyond that, although it is true that this woman does not have excessive desire to be, or at least seems it not.

Well, I say this because I am surprised that a brand like Armani choosing it as the image of his new collection of underwear, same day I missed that they choose to Beyonce to launch its Diamonds perfume.

With these characters try to get to the general public and I’m almost sure that get it but it is that case are brands aimed at that audience? Where is the exclusive? Only in the price? Well what a grace…

After this small criticism we are going to the underwear collection, that I have to say to that you except counted parts has a vulgar point which I do not like anything. Photographs taken at the Beckham also make them even more vulgar… in summary that has been all a disappointment the catalogue.

The protagonists of the collection are the Satin, the Black, the light blue and the points, sincerely the protagonists of the collection remind me of the underwear of the 1920s, to which are added the cullotes (imagine mix).

As if it wasn’t enough just gives you two options: the vulgar or the male, underwear hombruno aspect and an over-extended price than if it weren’t for the logo well could be any other less prestigious House.

Ultimately, a disappointment that I invite you to see, and comment on, to see if I am right or I am doing me more…