At the Start the Bra Day, The Day for Awareness about Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

“Awareness goes hand in hand with better quality of life” seems to be the slogan of BRA Day — the day for awareness about breast reconstruction after breast cancer. l 15 October 2014 the BRA Day wants to inform all Italian women and the world about the possibility of rebuilding their identity after demolitive of the breast.

On 15 October 2014 will be held in many cities of Italy and of the world the BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day, the international day of awareness about breast reconstruction following breast cancer.

The BRA Day is an event designed to raise awareness of the issue of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy Oncology.

According to the Foundation Beautiful After Breast Cancer which is the largest Non-profit promoter of the event, in fact, only 25% of women who have undergone breast demolitive caters to a breast reconstruction technique. Debilitating physical and psychological consequences are enormous and often accompanied by shame or unawareness of the possible solutions.

That’s why the BRA Day aims to inform the women compared to reconstructive opportunities this part of their identity, after breast cancer.

The Foundation Beautiful After Breast Cancer non-profit organization as well as having the aim to help patients who have had breast cancer diagnosis to rebuild their lives, it also deals with the training of medical staff in this field.

The BRA Day in Italy will be held in several Italian cities with informative sessions, debates, educational show event.