Bar Refaeli and New Collection of Underwear

The new collection of lingerie model Bar Refaeli is designed “for comfort”, as she explains. Under Me is the name of this line of pajamas and lingerie, made of cotton basics, with which Bar wants all women can connect with your body and your “true self” through the comfort that these garments provide.

Bar Refaeli and New Collection of Underwear

The ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, 27 years old, was named the “best body” by the British magazine Arena in 2008 and has already been on the cover of major fashion publications, such as the French magazine Elle and Italian GQ, which extolled as a supermodel.

Recently confessed that to keep fit, if subjected to harsh training sessions for five days a week, which, far from being a torture to her, allowed him to relax and disconnect from the daily stress.

Then, she of all people know the benefits of using a comfortable underwear and beautiful too, allowing maximum freedom of movement throughout the day, and she herself is responsible for using these pieces of clothing in many points.

Since panties, thongs, bras, shorts and skirts-pants, tops, swimmers, long or short sleeves, leggins, sweaters, Pajama bottoms … Nothing resists the Israeli top.

These models are based on very simple lines and comfortable, all neutral and basic black, white, nude or grey, besides other brighter colors like blue, pink and orange.

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