Best Bra for Your Workout

A good sports bra is as essential in the gym as your training shoes. Test facts have compared six models and differences in comfort are greater than the differences in quality.

Josephine K, which trains leaders at Friskis & Svettis fitness center chain, know how important a good bra under clothes. Especially women with a bigger bust need a proper support so as not to damage the ligaments of the breasts or get a sore back and neck. In addition, you get a generally more comfortable workout experience.

“This is especially important if you run or go on that with much hope. Keep on with the quieter workout that yoga can be a simpler model of sports bra that may not sit as tight.

The sports bra should you buy? Yes, as with shoes is comfort number one – it is not nice to become training suffering. According to Josefina K should try several different bras before you decide and have them on a session in the test room.
-Bra should fit pretty tight, but at the same time, it must not do evil, chafe or give red marks. Be sure to know the details like clasps, flaps and seams. Try to jump a bit and feel that the BRA fits well and provides good support, “she said.

The test research of comparison were also Panel reviews about fit and comfort essential for the end result. Testvinnaren Casall has not best material properties. On the other hand, are by far the most beautiful, according to the Panel. It has no seams that Chafe, the shoulder straps are comfortable and BRA provides excellent support during the training session.

At least pleasant to use, according to the Panel’s Stadiums bh SOC. It is tight to get into and squeezing in an unpleasant way. At the same time, stretch it out quickly and provides little support during the exercise. Panel reviews emphasized here by laboratory measurements. If a sports bra is too elastic reduces it support over the bust.

– Soc stretch most of all in the test. It also has the longest shoulder strap makes it likely to give less aid than the rest, “said Simonetta Granello, test manager at Swerea IVF who performed the measurements to Test the facts.

It is also important that the material goes back and does not receive permanent strains after workout. Otherwise, the BRA that fits perfectly the first time you use it to become ever larger and more relaxed the more you use it and thus get impaired support. Also here is the Soc worst, but neither Champion and Casall goes back properly.

– The returns are not as much to the original measure as other and therefore run the risk not to sit as tight as the first time you use them, “said Simonetta Granello.

Sports Bra’s that stretch out and get reduced support is a common problem, according to Josefina Kihlström on Friskis and Svettis. Therefore, it may be an advantage in the back and adjustable straps to tighten the shoulder straps. In Test research test is the only Nike that have these features.
– If you can tighten it in different places so you can retain support even if the BRA stretching out. At the same time, this type of straps Chafe and hurt on some using them. Here you can test their way, says Josefina K.

Right shoulder straps with Nike was also something the Panel remarked on. But it is mainly about the bands feel like they should slide off during training. While other brands in the test has more information about Nike racerback reminds an ordinary BRA with thin straps and clasps in back.

The laboratory also measured how good bra: arna is on breathing and lead away sweat. This was the cheapest bra from H & M, while the Soc and Stay in Place, a worse score.

“It is important that the BRA to breathe and get away the sweat from the skin to avoid getting wet and cold. Especially if you practice out there, “said Josefina K.