Black Lace Underwire Bra

Bra from Bestaah is an elegant, extra supportive and comfortable bra in big sizes.
It is designed specifically for the large and rich bosom.

Black Lace Underwire Bra

The BRA has a an extra spacious convolution. The bowl is 3 shared and with extra support in the sides which helps Center the barmen.
The sides and the back is extra reinforced with double layers and gives good support.
The straps are wide and padded so that they protects the shoulders and increases comfort.

Bestaah is also very pretty and feminine.
It is produced in soft micro fiber and a very beautiful and exclusive two-colored lace.
A bra is both lovely to wear and beautiful to look at.

Very nice black sleeping bra that is both comfortable and which provides good support for the large bust.

The bra is one of the most popular models from Bestaah.

It’s a bra made in a combination of micro fiber and pretty stretchy lace.
It is therefore both soft and comfortable to wear, and beautiful to look at.

The bra has convolution and hanger both in the bowl and in the extra wide side pieces, providing a good team. The BRA has wide clasp catfish, so you have good opportunity to adjust it so that it fits exactly to you.

The shoulder straps are wide and elastic for comfort and there are sewed on a beautiful wide lace for the feminine appearance.

The bras are, of course, also in white. And there are both midi panty and thong in the same series.

Black Lace Bra Without Underwire
Very comfortable and soft bra in big sizes.

This bra is without hangers and suits well for you who want a good and comfortable bra.
It is also suitable for you who have a wide bosom, where hoops well may feel annoying.
Although this bra without Underwire so give it anyway is good support and hold the breast area.

It is made of soft, stretchy micro fiber and features a pretty stretchy lace throughout the bowl.
It is very comfortable with wide shoulder straps are lined with soft cotton.
Just like the actual Bowl also is lined with soft cotton.
The bowl has a soft elastic at the top to keep it in place.

This lovely model, of course, also available in white.