Boxer Shorts

Advertising for men

The underwear question is almost as important as the question of K before the election. Tight or loose? Uni or pattern? If pattern, what? Today’s talking about underwear for men.

You never know whether you’re surprisingly in the hospital and people see your underwear.

As the daughter of a nurse I laughed many years over this set until I found myself spontaneously at the accident doctor and was happy to have clean feet and wear decent underwear. Regardless of the scenario, hopefully saving friends remains, apply

Boxer Shorts

  • for singles
    You never know what the day or evening of encounters brings.
  • for lovers
    A nice sight promotes the fun.
  • fixed liierte and spouse
    Your husband or wife about a beautiful sight in underwear is pleased also to the civil registry office or many years.

You have probably ever unpacked someone and looked horrified at the sighting of the underwear, or? My biggest laugh was a man who wore a body in 1991. That was the last time that it came so far with him. So that this doesn’t happen, friends or your husband/boyfriend / brother / son, invest in high-quality underwear, where theoretically anyone at any time may see you.

Big basics

Whether you prefer doing casual Boxer shorts (advertising) or body-hugging pants, doesn’t matter. You can find good variety of underwear at, the online store for men’s underwear. Another advantage of beautiful, well sitting underwear is dropping the outerwear in better. Underwear is like priming the canvas while painting. Certainly, if you are not lean or not quite young, the packaging is more important. With big-basics, you find 20 matching models from S to size. With the simple by JOCKEY like best.

Reader question: boxers

A reader asked here in the blog on the page about me in the comment a few years ago whether he at his age (I presume Ü50) still wear Boxer shorts could. In my opinion boxers are age-independent portable by men. If you don’t like loose-fitting Boxer shorts made of woven cotton, can access to close-fitting pants from Jersey.

Conclusion with funny

More important I find in adult males that the panties are either plain or patterned due to the other style of clothing. If you prefer classic clothing, to the subtle stripes fit in the underwear. Who like louder has it, can withstand larger pattern among them. Only of all that funny calls, leave the finger, please, if you’re not a kid anymore.