Bra: Choose the Ideal Model and Gain Health

Inappropriate parts to your body can cause back pain and problems

Choosing a good bra model goes beyond the beauty and sensuality of the piece.It is very important also for the health of the woman and when using an incorrect model it can have several annoyances.The main function of the bra is to support the breasts and decrease the overweight compared to the woman’s spine.However, often influenced by the beauty of the piece, some women forget to check the quality of the bra and also the ideal type for your body.

Physiotherapist at the Physiotherapy Center (SP), Rodrigo Peres, explains that every woman has to wear a bra according to the size of her breasts and also her back. “For example, when they wear smaller bras with a view to enhancing their breasts aesthetically, women run the risk of causing the mammary glands to compress, which in the future can lead to problems in breastfeeding,” he says. Breast pains are also often related to incorrect bra size. Change and observe.

Already in the case of those who opt for models bigger than those required for their body, the specialist explains that the choice can decrease the support and favor the slope of the spine forward, causing back pain.”In many cases women already have some type of alteration in the spine and, if the bra is inadequate, it could increase an existing deviation,” explains the specialist.

The most important word is comfort since the ideal bra model should accommodate the breasts completely and smoothly without creating protrusions on the side or the bottom of the breasts.Parts with slight modeling are indicated.The handles are also important.Prefer models with wider lugs and increase lift.This also prevents the shoulder strap from overlapping (as if cutting the skin).In the back, they should be adjusted to avoid discomfort.

Also note the type of fabric of the piece, some women may present allergies from the synthetic types.”Contact dermatitis may be more often related to the use of synthetic clothing and this is also true for bras,” explains the mastologist at the Santa Paula Hospital (SP), André Perina.The tip is that you always opt for cotton models.In more specific periods, such as menstruation or breastfeeding, the choice of bra should be different from other occasions.In these times, the breasts become sensitive and can alternate in sizes.Larger models usually solve the nuisances.

The relationship between bra and breast cancer is a concern of some scientists who have researched the subject, but also of some women, but the mastologist explains that there is no need to fear the use of the accessory.”Bras, bulging or not, do not cause cancer.The mechanism by which the normal cell changes for cancer is not influenced by the type of dress, “emphasizes Dr. Perina.