Bra That Detects Love

A Bra that detects love, an invention created by… the Japanese of course!

Bra That Detects Love

Not sure what bra to wear to this evening both expected where you will find him? Or simply you are making the assumption that anything can happen at a party or a date then you are still planning your assorted below (and you are right).

The Lemon Team has found a high-tech and sexy bra that will reveal your chest in an autonomous way.

How do these balconette bras work? Sensors are placed on the inside of the cups in order to capture your heart rate and thus to unhook if your heart is pounding. The BRA “true love test” thought by the lingerie brand Japanese “Ravijour” yet saw the day also since it is in the experimental stage.

Girls may cover you advice this bra will you answer to find out whether or not it is worth!No need to ask ten thousand questions as we love do, the ‘true love test’ will bring you an answer.

A smart bra but, you might say embarrassing during a too full of stress or of activities that could trigger a strong heartbeat, and so his opening. There is one more thing to do, wait for its release and the first tests.

We talked about the Tweeting Bra bra connected 2.0 tweet! When the shorty inenlevable which will protect you against too enterprising men?

Meanwhile, the launch of this bra fall for sets that are perfect for your dating.

With those guys you will be free to crack.

 Vero Moda: Bella print

Vero Moda lingerie ensemble, with a beautiful print inspired “jungle Tiger”. A bra at all mimi price to khaki green hue, color trend of the winter!

Gossard: Opulence

Golden prints and satin straps we love! A lingerie delicate signed Gossard which will accompany you to your most beautiful evenings.

Fleur Of England: Truffle

A tendency to the Bohemian style lingerie we love this set while lace with noble materials. It will sublimate your body and showing your man.