Bra with No Cup

Bra with No Cup

It has a small or large breasts, every woman wears a bra. From simple functional model invisible under clothing to sexy, each has the choice of hat he likes. And if you dare just the bra without cup?

The Straightens Breasts

In several decades, the company has evolved significantly and the report to the woman’s body. The sexual revolution of the 70s has been through it, freeing women of obstruction of a bourgeois society and misogynist. Within months, the bra became the symbol of an archaic society, it burned in public. For some time reduced to its simple practical function, it removes any sexy connotation. Yet just 10 years later the designer Chantal Thomass rehabilitates and democratizes provocative lingerie. Today the rules are limitless. Think outside the box with the straighten breasts; we told you!

As its name suggests, this section covers only half of the chest. It consists, as a classic model of frames and braces, but her caps in half moons reveal nipples.

This open underneath is sometimes called “rights breasts.” Indeed, it has the particularity to support the breast without the hide. However it does not provide optimal support like a traditional underwear which has cup.

We find this model in the fine and sensual materials such as lace, silk, satin or tulle.

Depending on the brand, it is possible to find more covering models than others. It is the same with a detachable veil to hide the nipples.

Select the Appropriate Model

Besides its undeniable naughty aspect, the open model has front-all properly support the breast. Thus, it is unfortunately not recommended for overly generous breasts that overflow with this type of cut.

However, for most small chests, such a model course will emphasize their cleavage.

Lingerie Sexy

Formerly confined to specialized brands, support open throat is now sold by many brands of lingerie, including on the Internet. Besides its very sexy connotation, it is also convenient for women who want to give their chest look natural while supporting their chest.

The open form is ideal with big round necklines, square or V if you do not want lingerie shows.

Go with a tight-fitting outfit, it underneath will give the impression to wear nothing. Be careful with a very transparent and very fluid materials if it does not hint at their anatomy …

Particularly erotic, straightens the breasts is recommended for women who assume their forms and their bodies. You should know that even today it is not easy to take in all circumstances the eyes of others when not wearing a bra.

If you do not want to wear it during the day, nothing prevents you to go out the night came to spice up your parties with two …