Candice Suanepul Bra 10 Million

One of the most successful angels of Victoria’s Secret Candice Suanepul will have the honor to march with this year’s nail traditional review of the brand-a bra for $ 10 million.

Candice Suanepul will bring this year’s most expensive masterpiece brand-bra Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, which is worth $ 10 million. The luxury lingerie is studded with diamonds and rubies and made by hand. To make were used and 18 carat gold, and at its base stands 52-carat ruby.

Although Candace Suanepul be one of the most successful models of the brand, this is the first time that it will have the honor to wear the most expensive bra brand for the year. In previous reviews the list of top models who have been selected to represent the most expensive model of Victoria’s Secret for the year included Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima.

This year, bra for $ 10 million is made of 4,200 precious stones, including diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires.

“I had to make a mold of my body to be able to work out a bra. I was very excited. After taking my size, I tried to imagine how it will develop a model would look like. My imagination, however, was not strong enough. Most much like this pear-shaped 52-carat ruby. Each part of the bra is exquisite and unique. I’ve never worn anything so expensive. you have to wear gloves when you wear. a big challenge is. The bra is accompanied by two bodyguards and have many to care for him, “said Candace Suanepul to the magazine People.

Show Victoria’s Secret, which attracts international celebrities and famous personalities from the field of fashion, will air on December 10.