Chantal Thomass, Luxury French Lingerie

The Masters of the lingerie does not support discussion: France and Italy. They have quality amount in marks which include the perfect pattern, seduction of the best materials and a design that leaves stunned men and women.

This time I present Chantal Thomass, the dream of many women who appreciate the lingerie & mark fetish in France which becomes gift chosen by husbands and boyfriends in special occasions.

La Maison is in Paris, located in the Rue Saint Honoré. Pink and padding are the protagonists of the decoration of the premises, design by Christian Ghion, and seductively combined with Fuchsia and Black Lace.

The facade of the entrance of the boutique is already gorgeous (photo above). His collection and catalogue of undies covers from stockings and pantyhose of high-end, day lingerie, seduction of accessories such as sunglasses, umbrella, night and fragrance.

Femininity and seduction that seeks for its customers obvious: is a brand steeped in personality. Lace, tulle, silk, Brocade and satin: the most sophisticated materials for a collection of extraordinary and comprehensive that I’m showing photos.

The French firm He collaborated in the Cow Parade in 2006 and Ms. Vaca with lace, pink ribbons and black stockings dressed … and thong!. I imagine that it was the first cow in the history of seduction. Would they call it Paca?.

In 2007, the newspaper Le Monde devoted a report with holder ‘ L ’ amazone des dessous sexy & #8217; (photo above), making a tour of his life work as pioneering and transgressive female intimate fashion from their rebel beginnings in full hippie era to the present and personal. You can read it on their website under the tab collaborations.

If a person’s look says a lot about this, Chantal Thomass is a candidate of exception: breathing strong character, decision, determination and an air of fatal femme that likes to capture in its lingerie lines. Fuchsia and black never fail.

The excellence in France Valentine gift It is without a doubt the lingerie. All intimate fashion shops have designated week a comings and goings of male clientele that already I’d like to have in Spain.

The designer is about to launch the Special Valentine “ So Lovely & #8221; with an advertising campaign that is expected of most flirtatious and hot (in the neighbouring country, lingerie ads not unnoticed precisely).

A very full international map has the signature shops. In Spain, the distribution from Madrid your luxurious intimate apparel catalog carries more exclusive lingerie stores. Her corsets are spectacular!

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