Common Questions & Answers

What Size Should I Order? English (UK) or European (EU)?

Answer: The perimeter is described as it has always done, eg 70, 75, etc. A to D cup are written the same way in both the EU and UK, UK DD is the EU E, and we write both kupstorlekarna: 75 DD / E = UK 34DD 75E and the EU. The You, the customer needs to know is if there is eg a European Cup F You want to order or UK F cup. European Cup F called “E / F” and UK F cup called “F / G”. It is always the English cup size printed first, the last letter is always European. Until a few years ago wrote our English suppliers always the same shade at both EU and UK but because many did not know if it was the problem for some customers and they chose to change the name, however, is size exactly the same as, and no changes have been made cups as some believed. 

The English size translates to Europe which can get confusing during the time when dual sizes printed, for example, it can be EU75FF and UK34FF on eg a bra from Freya, the next delivery, it EU75H and UK34FF. It is the same size as indicated, we will continue to write both English and European size to reduce the risk of misunderstanding: 75FF / H. 

Uncertain? Of course you can contact us if you are thoughtful!

Why are There Different Delivery Time of the Products?

Answer: BhPia want to offer a wide selection both in terms of sizes, models and colors. There is unfortunately no way for us to stock one product in each size constant. Much is home for immediate delivery, unless we order most of our exclusive products from England which give a delivery time of 1-4 weeks. We enjoy a wide range importantly, fast delivery and hope for your understanding. Usually, we send ordered goods within 14 days, but we promise rather too little than too much!

Why can not I Place an order at the store?

Answer: In most of this is because the client does not allow cookies, which is required for the page to function optimally.This can easily be changed in the settings of your computer. It may also be that something is misspelled, such as your name or address. Check it and try again!

Why are some goods “limited edition”?

Answer: Just like in a regular physical store, there are some products that are available inside for a long time, these can BhPia order home several times, perfect for you as a customer! Other products can only be ordered at one time, which means that the sizes run out faster than in the previous example. Is not that good in our own stock is not, however, do we like a request to our supplier after just your size. Please contact us if you find a favorite that is not in your size. Question one should always do!  

How to find BhPias show room?

Answer: Our Show Room is located along G: a E6 between Varberg and Kungsbacka 10 km north of Varberg. Follow the sign to BhPia 1, turn right after the mailboxes and then left up a slight hill. Yellow house number 15. Open when you want, feel free to make an appointment! 

My order still has not arrived, even though it’s been a whole week, why?

Answer: When you order a product, you immediately if there is an item for “immediate delivery” or if there is an “on order”. In the latter case, the delivery time is estimated at 1-4 weeks, we always hear from us if a product is restad at our supplier. We always send complete orders, which means that all products in one order is awaited before the order reaches the customer.  If the customer split the order BhPia contacted and the customer will be charged for the extra shipping, 59 kr.
We ship orders as quickly as we can, the same day (weekdays) or the day after, when the product is in stock. The item will then need 1-2 days to deliver the package, sometimes an extra day depending on where in the country the package should be. Remember that red days for longer journey times Posten. 

How do I find the right size?

Answer: See the size guide . 

Can you buy gift cards at BhPia?

Answer: Sure you can! Unfortunately, not directly in the web shop, but if you send us a message with the amount you want to buy and we will contact you as soon as we can with more information. Do not forget to sign up via the website so we have your information. Gift card paid directly to our Bg.

My bra does not fit, what do I do now?

Answer: In BhPia You have 14 days return and withdrawal. We transfer money to your account via PayEx. Shipping costs are not refundable. You, the customer pays for shipping back to us. 14 days counted from the date you receive a notice that your package is available at your post office.

Do you want to replace one product to another size, we ask you to contact us  for consultation on the new size, we can then order home a new product to you and thus short delivery time. Sometimes it’s wrong, and then we are on hand to help to! Once we have received and accepted the return, we send out the new product to you for free. Return cost is You as a customer, it does not matter if there are parts of or the entire order. We stand for the cost of a replacement, the customer wants to make further changes we only charge for the extra postage, 59 kr. Cash on delivery is not accepted, the goods dirty pays the customer the freight back. Late returns automatically sent back, the customer is charged a further shipping.Do not forget to fill in information about who return the product. Find more info on the next question.

Returns sent to:


Attn: Pia Ericson

Lillbacka 15

432 96 Åskloster  

I have used my new underwear, but want to return / exchange them, how do I do now?

Answer: BhPia do not accept used products, provided that it is not about a manufacturing course. Anything can happen, please contact us rather once too many than one too few. In order to return a product required to pieces and packaging is retained and that the garment is stain and odor free. A matter of course for most but not for everyone. Returns closely scrutinized BhPia not pay back money for the products we believe are used, they are sent back to the sender directly also charged an additional shipping fee of 59 SEK. The same is true returns that reaches us after the withdrawal of 14 days is exceeded. Realised and bargain goods is not exchangeable. Bottoms only with unbroken seals, also applies to the bikini bottoms. Swimwear bought on the spot in the physical store does not have a right of withdrawal.

I have received a defective / faulty product, what do I do now?

Answer: Of course, we take back the goods immediately if something like this would happen. It is very rarely occurs, but if an accident occurs, we compensate you for shipping and replace if possible you with a new product alt money back.

I can special order products from BhPia not found in the webshop?

Answer: We always strive to offer the widest possible range of exclusive lingerie in the right sizes. Is that still something you miss, you are welcome to contact us with requests so we can check if there is an opportunity to help. Please note that special orders not covered by the withdrawal of 14 days. We can not take back the odd products or exchange them for something else.

Where can I find a directory on the range?

Answer: BhPias collection varies all the time, we have no catalog. The entire range can be found in our shop which is constantly updated.

I regret my purchase and do not want you to send my package, what happens now?

Answer: Contact BhPia immediately so we can cancel your order and you will not have additional costs. If the package has already been sent, please return it. For unclaimed package at the Post Attorney charged a fee of 250 SEK for the shipping and handling of returns. Any invoice / extra charges for the original order will be.