Corset Helping Kids to Stop Evolution of Scoliosis And Avoid Surgery

Rehabilitation specialist, reviewed the causes, diagnosis and treatment of spine problems

Pedro José Estévez Poy Traumatólogo of the hospital Rio Hortega

Pedro José Estévez Poy, optional del Río Hortega and Arturo Eyriès Center, is one of the specialists that advises the scoliosis Association Adecyl.

-What is scoliosis?

-A curve side column of more than ten degrees, with rotation of vertebrae, because also there are postural.

-What is the cause?

-In 80% of cases are idiopathic, no one knows. In other cases may be due to trauma, metabolic, neurological problems… influences nutrition, development…

-Is it hereditary?

-If both parents have it, the child has a 50% chance of having it, but has not been detected if it is mapped to a gene.

-What symptoms are present?

-The most striking of the scoliosis is that it does not hurt. If a child has long hair and a little overweight, her family don’t see it is or in a swimsuit. For this reason, early revisions of your pediatrician or family doctor are important to detect it as soon as possible.

-What impact does?

-Between 2% and 4% of people aged 10 to 15 years, they have it. The important thing is to avoid that evolve and they come to surgery as the only solution.

-When required as well as follow-up treatment?

-When is the curve greater than 20 degrees.


-When the scoliosis is serious, the treatment is Orthopedic, with corset. There are many types, very variable, only night use or 23 hours… It is very tight and not noticeable from the outside. Resin and we try to use all their hours in winter and releasing them in summer, that are ‘removed and put’. The specific physical therapy helps, but does not substitute for orthopedics. Swimming and other sports strengthen muscles and are good.

-How long have to wear the corset a teenager? Evil will accept it…

-Corset stops its evolution and they should take it while hard development. Half of those who have scoliosis end with corset and from one to ten, with surgery. If you manage to contain the curve at 20 degrees when the development is finished, you can remove it and get rid of surgery. The effectiveness of fashion corset front natural history that had led this deviation orthopedic unchecked is shown. After 15 years, the girls, and 17, boys, usually to remove it already. If you have done well treatment it is likely that they are clear of the surgery; Although adapted to the corset it takes about two months.

-What ‘ moves’ each month?

-Each month without Corset deviation can win three or four degrees calmly.

– And meet teens?

-It costs them. It is a bad age where aesthetics are concerned Although they are not, but resent and worries. The collaboration of children and parents is essential. Sometimes they try to deceive and tell you that they have taken him, but it shows clearly worse evolution is very strong if not take him. Win five or six degrees in half a year is impossible if they take the corset.

– And the surgery? In addition to the risks of anesthesia and the delicacy of the intervention, is a definitive solution?

-The surgery itself already produces disability. Operated are rigid, can not bend back and it incapacitates them or not only limited to do sports, but certain professions such as police or fireman or for many others. The operation causes clear limits, but remove the pain.

-When is late for corset?

-After of the forty degrees it has no efficacy. Untreated scoliosis ends up producing pain, reduced breathing capacity and, therefore, increases fatigue. It is not a cause of death, but if disabling for everyday life.

-Are there tips to care for your back?

-Avoid large weights and inadequate postures as sitting on one leg; have the screen of the computer at the height of the eyes – now, almost all are adjustable; – take care of the positions in tables and desks;avoid the kyphosis, the ‘hump’, not force posture…

– And symptoms that parents can see?

-That the pants remains longer in the leg that we are nobody in another, or the shirt, asymmetry of the hip… perfect sleeve, a certain asymmetry is normal, but observe these things can help detect it. How perfect are the periodic medical checks.