Creative Gifts for Father’s Day

More tips on creative gifts for men: surprise!

We’re a creative gift tip here on the blog of Lobster (did you see the idea of the Spa in a Jar?) and now we are going to give you another hand to surprise your dad, or the father of your children, your partner Finally, we have two suggestions that will honor these men so special in the lives of all of us: the parents!

Creative Gifts for Father’s Day

Fun gifts for your dad

Surprise and mount a basket of fun products for your father! Separated here some ideas we found on the internet – in fact, online shopping is an amazing tool for those dates, don’t you think? We choose super cool gifts and receive at home. See our suggestions:

1 and 2- bookmark -this marker elastic silicone involves leaving the page marked with this lovely hand.

3- Underwear Boxer Pepper Per Lui – love a plate of pepper, lively and irreverent. Here at bridgat you can get more different models of the men’s underwears.

4- Tag for travel bag – to identify the case, nothing cuter than a mustache!

5- Boxershorts Microfiber Ryjor’s Musical Stamp:the Microfiber is a comfortable fabric that will leave your father much more relaxed in your day to day, and without losing the good mood ever!

6-Tag for travel bag:because we like the idea of the mustache: larger tags are ideal for the bags that go to the mat. You can see from afar.

7- Skrull Cup:If your father’s rock ‘n roll will love to have a drink.

8- BBQ Fork Rocker:along with your cup Dad does the full party in style!

9- Multicolored Underwear Microfiber Ryjor:a lot of color to brighten up the routine of your father. Always fun!

10- Wallet Super Heroes -for super dad who always opened his wallet for you … a new super hero!

11-Boxers Dollar Print -does this pattern helps to make more money? It never hurts to give it to your dad, what if it works?

Surprise your love on father’s day

Now, if the father of the House is your love, the father of your children (or not), surprise in this day and celebrate the “parents ‘night”.

Surprise him with a unique gift: choose a good wine, an underwear well classical and beautiful as the Boxers Mash for him and a wonderful sweater for you, as well as the Lacy Sweater essence of Belles, you will boot sighs.

There’s still time! We are waiting for your choices of gifts on Lobster Lingerie, don’t let go. Liked the tips?