Curiosity about the Female Breast, 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Curiosity about the female breast, 5 things that maybe you didn’t know! The torment and delight of women, never happy about their appearance, and “catch the looks” of every person, around the breast bloom anecdotes, trivia and even short stories.

The breast has always been a psychological connotation, not only physical. It is not a simple body parts, like ears or hands, it is from there that the first infant nourishment, it is the part of the body that women remodeling more from cosmetic surgeon, is the first thing a man note. It is also the part that every woman should check with constancy, through self examination breast ultrasounds and, to prevent cancer and other diseases.

Then, around the breast are legends, curiosities, anecdotes, even a tale of writer Philip Roth, centered on man who turns into a giant breast, proving that the breast is not just a matter of Anatomy! But what are the most interesting or bizarre curiosities related to women’s breasts?Let’s look at five!

Breast size increase with each generation

Over the past 50 years, women’s breasts went from a B Cup to a cup and, on average. Experts blame the use of hormones in crops and livestock, while manufacturers of underwear they think, in the past, women were wrong to evaluate the extent of bras. It is however evident growth in the proportion of girls with slender but busty physiques.

The left breast

Experts confirm: that much or little, the left breast is bigger than the right. Some women have to resort to cosmetic surgery to change this default, when too obvious.

A look extends life

It is even scientifically proven (through a study of Wellington University): men stare at women’s breasts for unconditional reflex, I don’t think they do it, they just do it! In addition, scholars have added: fix a woman’s breast extends the life expectancy of a man. Despite seem as much a “pull water to his mill”, will try to trust New Zealand scientists.

British increased in Europe

A study done by some companies that produce underwear, it emerged that the English are the breast more prosperous women of Europe. In second place the Danes, on the third the Dutch.

How much does it weigh?

On average, a woman’s breast weighs a pound; represents 1% of the total body weight of a woman in form and 5% for an overweight woman.