Deep Neckline

We’ve seen it on the catwalk and red carpet. The trend has reached the everyday lives and seen more and more on the city’s streets and squares, day or night. But how do you solve this cutting lingerie wise?

Deep low-cut tops, dresses and other garments with décolleté is best when you find alternatives to the usual BRA, then a bra clasp had appeared.

Lift-Up is a breast lifting your bust from above, with easy instructions to fix but quickly and easily to a voluptuous chest.

An uplifting experience! Lift-up is a high-quality breast tape that you can rely on!It lifts the breasts and holds them in place all day or all night long. Perfect when you wear a top or dress with plunging neckline. Cut to the size you need, apply tape and marveling at the impact! The tape is transparent and water resistant.Available in the sizes A-D Cup. Contains 5 pairs per pack.

You can also choose to just cover the nipple by wearing Nipple Covers.

Then secure the top neckline, so that you don’t accidentally show up all the glory, you can use the double-sided adhesive tape Tape-Strips to keep the garment in place.

With these three tips you carry with ease a deep neckline with class!