Different Types of Bras and Their Uses

We love looking at the fancy bra and want to dress up each one of them. But do we really think about what type of bra is right for us?

For example, if a little small woman having small breasts wearing a full cup bra, she certainly seems to be of assistance in quickly and no matter how fashionable she wears, she would not have noticed. And if a heavy busted woman wearing a push up bra, so we all know how people will react to that one!

So lets see the 9 different bra styles and I would like to tell you how and when to use each of these:

1. Push Up Bra -This bra is the best for small breast for women to give them a better and luscious look.

2. Full Cup Bra -This is for those of you who are heavy breasts. This bra can be worn under tops, dresses and Indian attires.

3. Plunge Bra -This bra is for those who are wearing a deep neckline and want to show off their cleavage. This works best on a date night and anniversary dinners! Spice it up ladies!

4. Balcony Bra -This is once again splitting up and exposing bra, best worn on the red carpet events and date nights.

5. Strapless Bra -These go to competitor back tops, tube tops and spaghetti tops. The main idea here is to keep the breast but hold off on the straps showing. Many of the bra is also able to detach the straps of a normal bra and make it one, and vice versa.

6. T-Shirt Bra -This Bra will help all the young women who wear their t-shirts. Avoid Bras with seams up popping up even though the dress/top, t shirt bra can help the most.

7. Sports Bra -these are the most comfortable to wear during the work out sessions and yoga classes.

8. Maternity Bras -these come from a small hole near the nipple to help to feed the new born.These can be used prior to submission to the baby too, when the breasts become tender, saggy and supple. These special bras are most often available in cotton fabrics.

9. Demi Bras -These are the two main reasons-look sexy and give support to your breasts too.

So the three things you need to consider before you buy a bra by theme are:
-To find the right type of bra
-Finding the right fit
-When wearing a bra