Do Not Move More Than Necessary

British researchers have come up to your chest moving average of 8.38 centimeters for every step you take. It is 83.8 meters per kilometer and 419 meters during a race Vårruset. That means not just the breasts can be in the way and prevent you from performing the full. Each shock wears addition to the tissue and makes the skin is stretched. Fortunately, there are sports bra. It keeps the breasts in place and cushion shocks by nearly 80%.Our bra specialists can help you select one that suits you and your training.

 Studies at the Department of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Portsmouth.

Low, Medium or High Intensity Training

To find the right sports bra, you need to know what size you are, and which model is the sports you do. Think of exercise intensity. If you train running or aerobics, you need more support than if you practice yoga or go for a walk. Generally, one can also say that a large bust need more support than a smaller one.

Bra Guide

All you should consider when trying out sports bra, we have gathered in this bra wizard. Before you try, make sure you have with you 3-5 different models in the test room. Namely, they can be slightly different in size and material.

  1. Shoulder strap
    The shoulder straps should be comfortable against the skin. They will either gap or cut the skin. Take two fingers and drag along the axis of the band inside. It should go smoothly and easily.
  2. Bra strap
    bra band under the bust should lie flat against the skin around the chest and back. It should not gap or cut the skin. Take a finger and pull the front and back on the band inside. It should go smoothly and easily.
  3. Rear
    The bra should lie flat against your back. If it pulls and stretches up to the neck, you probably need a bigger size.
  4. Move it
    Move in front of the mirror. Jump, stretch and jog in place. Do all the things you usually do in training. The right bra gives good support. It feels neither too small or too large.

Think of!

If the material crumples itself or see little bylsigt out is the bra too big. If the bra pulls himself up to the neck is too small. This applies even when the skin bulge out around the armpit and back.