Emma Brown Interview Magazine

Emma Brown is in the spotlight for several years for his obvious talents as a singer, but especially for the events surrounding his private life and his look. It certainly can not be said that the young talent cloves Salento style, since his appearances on television have become more numerous Emma has persistently continue to flaunt casual look, rock-oriented course, but often ill-suited to events that have seen protagonist. Her outfits will also be a model for the many fans, but have attracted criticism from competent stylist and have yielded to Emma even a TeleRatto just like TV character worst dressed of the year!

You know, for the young singer of the Friends Life it was not easy. Very often his vocal abilities were put into two as a result of gossip of various types, starting with those that affect his love life. These days, among other things, although Emma apparently frequent actor Marco Bocci, will not have been the easiest, since the first great love has married the woman with whom he replaced, and with whom he also had a son.

But beyond his private life, Emma Brown is loved, revered by his many fans, which is not always a good thing once the focus shifts from his singing talents to his style, and if you take a look at the pictures of our photo gallery, you can see for yourself.


Emma loves the biker glam rock style, is evident by the constant presence of a leather jacket to complete any look, from winter to summer ones with very short shorts. I look with short leaders then do not bother even when he’s onstage, skirts and shorts that often forgets to wear so as to show the lingerie unintentionally!

Enzo Miccio has even proposed as her personal stylist, just to add a little ‘of glamor to your outfit! But that’s not all.

Rock style, Emma often goes to a bohemian mood with preppy accents, but sees matching accessories too different from the style, we saw mostly observing its casual look in daily life or during the concert rehearsals.

Public occasions are certainly not less, in Sanremo Emma has trod the stage of the Ariston with look complemented by very short shorts and a transparent top that returns on the same stage in two days combined with a different outfit!

And so there comes to you one of TeleRatti 2013 that won the title of immoral year, ie television worst dressed character. We must remember, however, that Emma won the title combat tendoselo with Matteo Renzi and Raffaella Carra, however, it will have been a satisfaction for her to win, for better or worse, against these big names!

In short, Emma has the physical and the gall to experience so many different styles and yet seems nailed to an image, a label, that of the rocker with punk accents which can not escape. He deserves one of TeleRatti 2013, and the same Enzo Miccio explains us well because: “Emma Brown has tried over the years to change so many look, though, I do not know why, can not shake off that air Rest Houses, a bit ‘by pitch…”