Fashion Insider Style Guide Part 1: Lingerie – How do I Find the Perfect Bra?

Today we are starting a new series – the fashion insider style guide – he combines basic knowledge of fashion trends of the season and lifestyle tips.

The perfect outfit is crucial for a confident appearance. Addition of correct and matching bra to the clothing is necessary. Wonder what bra to which clothes arises again and again.

A good bra should always highest wearing comfort, support the back and contribute to a better posture. In our research, we rely not only on the own experience.
Support there were professionals from Passionata, which here have revealed even a lot of their expertise for lingerie our site the real lingerie.

T-Shirt bra
Tight clothes optimally present, succeed with the invisible T-Shirt bra. Thanks to well rounded forms make no prints his smooth shells and not emerge under the top. The perfect T-Shirt bra sits comfortably, gives a secure fit and is the best choice for the sporty look of everyday life.

Underwire bra

The classic bracket gives natural curves bra. The adjacent fit with the centered straps are a very good supporting grip.

Strapless Bras

The strapless bra should be missed in any wardrobe. He gives both a sense of security than freedom. Universally applicable, it disappears under clothes, strapless tops or even backless tops.

Armless Bras

The armless bra flatters small busts. He can change content without the natural shape of the breast. A nice look requires a firmer breast.

Cleavage bra

To the décolleté highlighted are, a special Dekoleté recommend you bra. Manages an exciting neckline by his deep crotch strap at upper parts with a deep V-neck.


With a Push-Up BRA, cleavage looks particularly attractive. The Push-Up bra breast seems much more voluminous. In deep cuttings manages to conjure up an eye-catching bust size this bra. There, the push-up Bra to achieve different effects in different Push-Up intensities.

Balconette bra

The Balconette bra effectively lifts the bust size. Thus he conjures up a more lush bust that draws the eye. Especially with a square neckline, this bra is highly recommended because it creates a beautiful round breast form.


The Halter bra is ideal for backless dresses. Because the winners are here bound around the neck, you can wear backless tops and dresses, without that you can see the pesky bra support.

The selection of BRA’s is great. So that the BRA fits perfectly, exactly measure must be taken.
Her bra size determines a) the bust and b) the bust and c) the cup size.

  1. A) is measured, is in an upright position and forwards the tape measure across the back. There it is merged in the strongest area of the breast. The measuring tape should sit on a height front and rear.

(B) the circumference of the body is measured just below the breast. This area is supported by the BRA, must be precisely measured. The bust is the first measure in size calculation of the BRA’s.

(C) bust size minus bust results in Cup size. Here an example:
The chest circumference is 98 cm and the bust 83 cm. Thus you have a difference of 15 cm and you need B Cup size.
It is following differential benchmarks:
at 10 cm difference = A, 15 cm, B =, 17.5 cm, C =, D = 20 cm, at 22.5, E =.