Our Site Bar S-Style

Highlight the gap! S-Style gives the perfect gap, partly through its unique S shape, and partly through fabric marker in innerkupan as select where to place the nipple. It is thin, light and flexible, and is also tygbeklädd which makes it super comfortable! Can be used up to 50 times, available in nude and black, size A/B, B/C, C/D.

Our site S-Style

Designed especially for the smaller and fixed the bust that would create so much divide as possible.

S-Style is a thin and light while it is fabric covered. In its innerkupa there are fabric markers to mark where the nipple should be placed in order to give as much gap as possible.

In General, the S-Style’s Bra-sizes a little smaller than a regular bra.For example, if you are a small B Cup-take a A/B, on the other hand, a slightly larger B-Cup so have a B/C you have a smaller bust but am a little shoulder-wide-go even then up a bra size, so that is not too tight.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is special about Our site S-Style?
(A): Our site S-Style is a very light and smooth fretless bra. You hardly notice that you have it on you because it follows your movements. With Our site S-Style, you also get the perfect gap. To make it easy for you to attach the bhn can best innerkuporna has a round marker that shows where your nipples should sit in the shade. Our site S-Style is covered with a silky fabric that is completely seamless.

Q: What should I consider when I attach my Our site S-Style?
(A): Keep in mind that the round fabric circles in innerkuporna shows where to place your nipples. Attach a Cup at a time toward the bust and snap together the buckle. Each cup should be placed diagonally, draw the buckle on the opposite page’s höftkula.

Q: What keeps the BRA up when it has no band?
(A): All our strapless Bras attaches directly to your skin thanks to a sticky silicone material.

Q: How many times can I use my Our site S-Style?
(A): Take good care of your bra by washing it after each use and then store it in its original packaging, you can use up to 50 times.

Q: How do I wash my Our site S-Style?
(A): Wash it with a little detergent and rinse in very warm water. Avoid hand SOAP as it often contains moisturizing agent that reduces the adhesion of the BRA. Be careful with innerkuporna and your nails. Let innerkuporna to air dry before putting back the protective film. Place the cups on a Terry towel so the fabric dries faster.

Q: My protective plastic has broken – what do I do?
(A): You can use a regular freezer bag. Only the plastic fills its purpose to protect the mounting surface, that’s fine. We do not recommend plastic wrap because it easily breaks and get stuck on the surface.

Q: Will the BRA come off if I go out and dance in it?
(A): If you sweat a lot, your Our site lose its contact with the skin, but it does not fall suddenly. If you feel it doesn’t stick as good as when you put on yourself, try to push the cups against your chest. Or you can visit the ladies room and take off your Our site, wipe your chest with a towel and then put on my bra again.

Q: Can I use the push-up pads in my Our site S-Style?
(A): No, you cannot because push-up pads takes up too much of the sticky surface of the BRA cups, which makes that bhn does not attach properly.

Find the right size for S-Style

To ensure that you get the right size in your Our site, we recommend that you use our size chart as a guideline.

In General, the S-Style’s Bra-sizes a little smaller than a regular bra.For example, if you are a small B Cup-take a A/B, on the other hand, a slightly larger B-Cup so have a B/C you have a smaller bust but am a little shoulder-wide-go even then up a bra size, so that is not too tight.

If you are unsure of what size you should order, then visit a physical store to help you try out the right size.

SE/DK/NO/FI size guide
Your size: Buy size:
A, 65B, 70B A/B Cup
75B, 80B, 70 c B/C-Cup
75 c, 80 c, D C/D-Cup


Us/UK size guide
Your size: Buy size:
A, 30B, 32B A/B Cup
34B, 36B, 32 c B/C-Cup
34 c, 36 c, D C/D-Cup


FR/ES size guide
Your size: Buy size:
A, 80B, 85B A/B Cup
90b, 95B, 85 c B/C-Cup
90 c, 95 c, D C/D-Cup

So you take on your Our site S-Style

For a perfect result, there are some important things to keep in mind when using your tapeless bra. Avoid moisturizer, perfume, powder and other skin care products because it impairs adhesion of the BRA.

1. Wash the skin
Thoroughly wash the skin with mild soap and water to get it really clean, scrub removing dry skin. Wipe the skin with a soft, lint-free towel. Remember not to use any skin care products on the chest.

2. put on a Cup at a time
Stand in front of the mirror. Unlatch the clasp. Turn one hive inside out and hold the edges with both hands. Note the round white fabric circle in its innerkupa – it is a guideline for placement of your nipples. Remember to place the cups diagonally (assume that the buckle should be directed towards the opposite side höftkula)! Begin by lifting your chest and move it toward the Center. Attach the shade under the breast and apply to the BRA with the fingertips.
Do the same on the other breast – look in the mirror so that both the cups fall at the same height. Snap buckle. Take off the bra and on several times, you may need to wash it before you put it back on.

So take off your S-Style
Be careful when you pull off a Cup at a time, from the bottom up, stay happily in the buckle. Take special care with nails as they can scratch the BRA which impairs the snapping behavior.

Wash your Our site S-Style
Always wash your Our site directly after use to remove skin oil and old skin as stuck in the hive. Then it sits firmly in place the next time you are going to use it! Use a few drops of dish soap and gently wash the cups with the fingertips. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and let air dry with the inside pages up. It is only when innerkuporna dried properly you should put back the protective film (or a freezer bag) and put it back in the plastic package bhn. It protects against dust and dirt that can damage bra. The better you take care of your Our site, the longer it holds!

Have your Our site made its?
Then take it to the nearest recycling centre, together we make a difference for the environment’s best!