Frequently Asked Questions and Possible Answers

Why are not my bra good? My breasts buns over the edge of the neckline or under the arms, and it does not look good in clothes.

This is a sure sign that the bra you are wearing is too small, because the breasts should be included in the hives. Try at least one size larger in the cup!

My Bra Slides Up In The Back And Go Around When I Move on me.
Besides trying to force us into small cups are the most common mistake we make when we try the bra is that we take a circumference size that is too big. If the bra strap around the back moves, it is too big and you should try a smaller back size. Remember that a smaller back size is also smaller in the hive, which means that the size 75E is smaller both sides and in the hive than 80E. To get the same shade as the 80E but with less back dimensions, choose 75F.

The Jumpers Stand Out Front And Cut Under The Arms.
When the jumpers stand out or cut out, it is often to the bra is too small in the cups and the breasts are forced into the cups and out of the body. This also usually result in a build pressure and feel that the back gauge is too hard even if it only concerns for a small cup.Begin to try a cup size larger so that the straps are flat against the body and follows the whole breast.

The Straps Cutting Into The Shoulders, Leaving Red Marks.
The major support should always be on the band around the body and not on the straps over the shoulders. If the straps cutting into your shoulders, it’s probably because you have too large a girth size, why you should go down a size. Alternatively, you may just simply need to loosen the straps.

The Cups Wrinkle, Especially on top of The Hood And Sides.
It’s usually a sign that the hive is too large, maybe you should try a cup size smaller. However, if it is only in the top of the hive mean that the hive is too small and the breasts do not fit. Try a larger cup.

There can be many different reasons why your bra is not seated properly. To clarify how you can get your desired fit of the bra you are welcome to yourDetails Shop Our Bra experts will help you find the right for your desires for function and fit. Do not forget-to try BH takes time. Set aside time for yourself so that we calmly in consultation with you can come up with what best fits your needs. Welcome!