Fringe is Having a Well-deserved Moment

We speak of turns and moves here, which in recent seasons have been used as a detail in clothes and accessories. Well, they’re back now and reword the thin, long and full of movement, this is the version of the powerful fringes. So, it is not today that fringes have won a special place in the wardrobe and in the heart of the chicks, but the fact is that the last International confirmed that the fringe shows follow firm, strong and more daring in this winter.
But the fringes that before served only to give a touch of glamor to clothes, lend movement to gowns of sensitive, or give a certain charm to go style of charming, the boho, now they come up with more power, but in a less caricature version, however, much more daring and original. Hey, you like the fringed? So you know now more about this trend that returned with everything in this new season.

See how to create looks with fringes

The version of fringes brings the trend longer and moreover, it also comes with a lot more color options, leaving some of those earthy tones, typical boho style, as well as traditional glitters the sensitive style, focusing now on primary tones and closed, like the blue and the red-brick.
It is worth noting that the new thickness, as well as thin, and long, still highest, serve to give even more movement to the fringes, creating that fluffy and super charming effect.
So we can prepare ourselves for several pieces that will make adding fringes, IE, let’s see the scarlet macaws many skirts, dresses, sweaters, bags, jewelry and shoes with tassels, both on the bar, as in some places, or even, more daring, in the entire piece.

The trend, however, brings the fringes in a visual, so that they can be used in productions of the day.
A tip to invest in looks is to have one piece with fringes, not to run the risk of getting over, namely, exaggerated.
A tip is to bet on tops with tassels, and how they usually leave the belly out, if you do not want to show both, you can combine them with shorts, pants and high-waisted skirts.
As for accessories, it is virtually impossible to think of fringes without remembering, but other accessories also won the charm of fringes, such as necklaces, earrings, boots and sandals.
And as could not be otherwise, this winter the great requested is to invest in the mix boot and fringe, and it’s worth using with skirts, shorts and pants.
Fringed dresses are super high and, arguably, are a luxury.
You can’t surrender to the charm of this trend.

In urban looks, for day to day or in more elaborate, the fact is that fringes can be adapted to your style.
From the sophisticated to the basics, they are democratic super combine both discrete production, being a great option for those who like the trend, but prefer a more basic, as with a more elaborate production.