Guide: Find the Right Sports Bra

There are a lot of sports bra to choose from on this page and also on the Web. You might find some sports bra you like in appearance, but how do you know that it’s good for you? We would all find a sports bra that fits the size and suitable for jogging form we think exercise. To help along the way, we have made a guide to what you need to know when buying a sports bra.Follow our step-by-step guide to find the right sports bra!

1. To what you will be using it?

Sports Bra on this page are classified as either high impact, medium impact or low impact. Choose from these outgoing from what form of exercise you practice.

High impact: High impact provides the best possible support to the breasts and fit to exercise forms with much hope and sudden movements (such as running, fast paced dance and martial arts, ball sports, action sports, …)

Medium impact: Medium sports bra offers good support for the breasts and fit to exercise with moderate intensity exercise forms where you need support, but does not contain so much hope (such as weight training in the gym, dance and led workouts, cycling, walking).

Low impact: Low impact provides an easy support for the breasts and suits to quiet exercise forms where you don’t need a lot of support for the breasts (such as yoga, pilates, leg, quiet dance forms).

What you should keep in mind is that whoever has a big breast size with higher probability will need a sports bra with medium or high impact at any time, because we need more support. It is important to use the right sports bra for the right task, so that the breasts are getting the support they need and you can concentrate on your workout!

2. What bra size do you have?

When you buy a sports bra on the Web, you need to know what size you should choose.Generally speaking, it has the same size on their sports bra that on their regular bras. Some sports bra manufacturers have instead of different sizes of cups and circumference instead numbers 32-46 and XS-XXL. Sizes may vary by manufacturer, but roughly sizes usually look like this:

  • XS = 32/34
  • S = 36-38
  • M = 38/40
  • L = 40/42
  • XL = 42/44
  • XXL = 44/46

If you have difficulty knowing which size you choose on your sports bra, so it is better to buy one with different sizes of cups and chest circumference, as it is easy to find the right! You just need to measure yourself with a tape measure to find out what size you need.

To find your correct bra size, you will need two measurements:

  1. the Circumference under the breasts.
  2. Circumference of the breasts, where the breasts are greatest.

Select the correct Cup size

Generally used the same cup size on the sports-bra that at regular bra. But even if you know your own Cup size, so it is good to now as then check that you actually are using the correct size for your sports bra. You can easily check your own Cup size by comparing the difference between measurement 1 measure 2.

Measuring both number 1 (circumference under the breasts) and measure two (circumference of the breasts). Subtract the dimensions 2 with metric 1. The number you get is equivalent to your cup size that you find in the table.

Example: 1 = and 2 = 75 90. Then count the 90-75 = 15. The number 15 is compared with table to find the correct Cup size.

Choose the right scope for your sports bra

If the sports bra has sizes in different range (usually from 65-90), so you can easily measure the size you need. Use the measurement number 1, the circumference under the breasts.Measuring range with a tape measure in centimeters, and well the closest number from the table below.

3. How should sports bra: n sit?

When you buy a sports bra on the Web then you can not try it before, but it is possible to order the home a few variations and try at home in peace, since the vast majority of online retailers have free delivery and free returns if you want to send the goods back. Here are some tips on what you should consider when you test your sports bra at home:

  1. Sports bra should sit tight.You certainly don’t want it to be loose, but rather little about it tighter to keep the breasts in place during training.
  2. Check that there are no seams that Chafe without sports bra feels comfortable. Seams that feel uncomfortable when you try the sports-bra can be even more awkward when you begin your workout. The fabric feels soft and comfortable against your body. If you have trouble finding someone who feels really comfortable – check out the models without stitching (seamless)!
  3. Try to jump and move around the sports bra to see if the aid is enough. A good sports bra should hold the breasts in place when you exercise and reduce the normal movements.

You know you have found the right sports bra when it feels great against the body, supports good and simply feels right. It pays to choose carefully and then have a sports bra that is perfect for your needs and make your training more fun!