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Here in our online-shop you will find the super popular flip-flop sandals. You’ve never had the pleasure of these original, Brazilian sandals? Your feet will love them. They are super trendy and come in many different sizes and editions-whether you are looking for a patterned or solid color model. You will find them right here at usvsukenglish.com. Are you a man and looking for a pair of super comfortable sandals, so view Havaianas for men? Of course, we have also a wide range of Havaianas for women. Or what about a few delicious Hawaiians origine –the familiar and ultra comfortable espadrilles, as you probably know? Not least, you will also find the wonderful Havaianas for children here at usvsukenglish.com. This tag is the absolute epitome of style & simplicity combined with Hawaiian atmosphere. In short, there is the sandal’s to suit all tastes, whether you are looking for a solid-colored model, the more daring/avant-garde or a more neutral “look”. You will find your favorite model right here at usvsukenglish.com. Whether you are on holiday, in the garden, in the swimming pool or just walk around at home, is this comfortable sandal something, your feet will definitely love.

The original sandal was launched by Rober Fraser in 1962. Because of sandals are implicit and low price, they were incredibly popular among the lowest social classes in Brazil. Later sandals were known and owned by all. We launched a unique collection in the 1990s, where they suddenly became super popular also among famous people. Today the company is owned by Alpargatas and unveiled today in over 100 countries. In connection with the World Cup in1998, the company now also the sandals designed with the Brazilian flag. With the product growing popularity, they were copied, and the company therefore created the slogan: Havaianas – The Real Ones. The company stands not only for social and environmental responsibility. They also participate in several activities, as well as contributing to several organizations. In addition, they have won Top Com d’ Argent 2010 – marketing Relational-a French awards ceremony.

Whether the material

The original flip-flops are inspired by Japanese Zori Sandals-sandal. They are made of Vulcanized rubber, making them durable and thus super durable. The well-known Havaianas Sandals retains its original form, and then you get them even for a super good price. In addition, keep the straps eminently well. In connection with the production of Havaianas, will be 90% of the material used to produce new sandals, and the remaining 10% will be used by other companies. The texture on the soles-one of the brand’s characteristics – is designed to create familiarity with Zori sandals, where the sole is made of straw. With this brand and these beautiful Sandals you get an absolute quality product. Havaianas is the brand that stands for style, comfort and luxury that everyone can afford. Short and sweet: the feet are treated – so you can find the little everyday luxury and the right Sandals right here at usvsukenglish.com.

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