High Heels, Improper Bra Sizes and Textile Chemistry Make Life Difficult Us

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? If clothing makes sick
Karl Lagerfeld is not only for its famous collections, but also for a stylistically momentous statement: “who wears jogging pants, has lost control of his life.” Now, it can be about taste is known to not fight, even if it must be painful for the eyes or the ego of the Couturier. That however many garments from different reasons make you sick, cannot be denied even a Lagerfeld.

Beautiful lace, high hoe – the dose makes the poison
It starts with this, what some women do with their feet. High heels make sensual long legs. But the higher, it goes, it gets the harder to keep the attitude. High heels force the spine in an unnatural position of the hollow back. Hold it for hours, you must respect alone as a sporting and aesthetic performance which no man ever would be able. In the worst case, it threatens duration but that the calf muscles and Achilles tendons painful shorten. Not a solution but not only look real stumbling blocks are thick platform sole. Which relax while the back with high-heeled shoes somewhat, for interfering with sensitive sensors while walking. Trip and fall accidents are inevitable.

Overly pointy shoes make the “slim foot from shoe sellers like to advertised” – harm him but also with the time. The constant pressure leads to corns, claws – and hammer toes. At the end, only a surgery helps. Orthopedic surgeons advise therefore very precisely to use pointed footwear. Alone it is because it’s ruining the appearance of the foot for the flip flops so popular in the summer. They are even recommended, although you are constantly must hold with the toes in them – it trains the muscles of the foot. Speaking of Optics: some consider stylistic derailment of the popular Crocs. Karl Lagerfeld did not comment yet, orthopedic surgeons already. Warn: just the plastic shoes be worn barefoot to the mothership for germs and fungi – foot fungus threatens.

When the head hurts, the BRA may be to blame
Gynecologist complain that many women just not understand with the most distinctive part of their anatomy – her chest. About half of the women wears a bra that does not fit. More pessimistic estimates of 80 percent. Ill-fitting Bras can be responsible for a whole bunch of complaints. A seductive design is more important than the fit. She will then temporarily offset with any extension pieces or extremely short straps. The result: To correct carrier tie off blood vessels and cause headaches. To narrow carrier cut into the skin and press on nerves and muscles. Pain in neck, shoulders and even the arms are the result. Especially in women with large breasts it is noticeable fast painful when choosing the Underband too narrow and too far. The band loses so its support function. The BRA slips up at the back and the vertebrae must bear the entire burden. The inevitable poor posture results in back pain.

Bruises, welts, or even abrasions are clear indications of an ill-fitting bra. Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise therefore to measure properly the breast and the chest. It’s easy: once a tape measure loosely directly under the bust create – so the first value of the BRA size, for example 85 is the scope. The second measurement is carried out on height of the nipples. The difference of the two values is the Cup size. 12 to 14 centimeters correspond to an A-Cup, 14 to 16 centimetres a B, 16 to 18 centimeters a C, etc. The good medical news: A formerly isolated plus city link between too tight bras and breast cancer-related diseases considered refuted.

Hazardous waste in the closet
What we wear, has to do with global and social responsibility. Because clothing can harm the people that produce them or who live in the area of textile factories. In the far East, there are some with textile paints colored rivers and poisoned air. We can raise awareness for it, if we bear in mind that some chemical cocktail used to the so-called textile equipment can make also the wearer ill. Strictly speaking, some garments are hazardous waste. Particularly problematic are dispersion and azo colours. Some emulsion paints can cause allergies close skin contact particularly in sweat zones. The cheap but brilliant azo colours are even more dangerous. Because they can be carcinogenic, long prohibited their use in toys or cosmetics. In clothing from the far East, however, they are still standard. Phthalates have proved to be detrimental to the fruit. The softener is not only in textile printing and the foil packaging. It is used as a Färbebeschleuniger. Unfortunately, there are thousands of these equipment funds – they fit on no clothing label.
Experts advise first and foremost to the smell test. If you don’t like the nose, you should buy even better there. Body-hugging clothes should be washed before first – unfortunately, the pollutants get this of course also here into the water. Very conscious buyers access to the clothing with eco-certified – do of course still a shadowy in the sheer volume of offered fashion.