H&M ECO Friendly Fashion

From February 2013 part of the eco-friendly fashion H & M: used clothes in exchange for discount coupons!

Each of us has not in the closet an old sweater or a pair of slip-ons usatissime that constantly points to put away?

H&M ECO Friendly Fashion

Well, the time has come! Always attentive to the environment and sustainable production, H & M continues to ensibilizzazione countryside to the environmental issues and does so by launching a worldwide project to collect used clothing for recycling and reuse in the production of new clothes.

The Swedish fashion brand will be the first to undertake a project of this type which will start from February 2013 and will span 48 countries in which there are his store. With the long-term goal of reducing the environmental impact generated by clothing, it will be crucial involvement and action by buyers: for each bag of clothes donated, IN ALL CONDITIONS AND MAKE ANY , H & M will deliver a coupon of 5 € usable on a minimum spend of € 40.

It ‘now time to make a clean sweep of all that we no longer use, perhaps for years, which will have a double value: save us money on shopping (which in times of crisis does just fine) and to contribute to social .

The commitment of the low cost Swedish chain, however, comes from the creation of Conscoius Foundation, which aims to find technical solutions that allow you to reuse the textile fibers on a large scale. In fact, each season H & M offers its Conscoius Collection, a line of garments made with organic cotton, recycled polyester, organic hemp.

“Our commitment is carried out in a sustainable context both socially and on the environment – said Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of the clothing giant -. We want to help protect the environment, which is why we offer our customers the chance to leave their used clothes at our sales points. ” I: Collect, H & m partner in this project, will manage, through its structure, all the operations that will allow to return to a new life used garments.

In January, it just has to open the closet and be a further wishes in addition to those of the Christmas holidays GOOD SHOPPING!

Reference of ECO meanings: http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/eco.html