How Do You Know Her Bra Size?


Today I was invited to a “bra-event” by my friend Mira at bar-store Triumph.

The theme was “we will help you with your bra size”. May not be rocket science, I thought. Is surely soon 39 years and have two children, probably I should have an eye on the Pack. Ehh …. Has apparently gone around with two errors by two errors-possible all these years. Neither the Cup or girth around chest chimed. Almost a little embarrassing, I must admit.

Tried a little different models with my “new” size. I got so much better support, silhouette and posture when bar ‘n set where it should, regardless of the moves I make (think more carry the schlep here than lying on the couch). Would like to point out that this is not a sponsored post but myself who simply want to recommend any beautiful female blog readers out there to find out their actual size for the shoot so much more beautiful it can be. It took me until now to realize that there really is a difference.

Love the weather we have now – when you can go barefoot but with a warmer shirt only. Deliciously. Cashmere sweater/Zara, skirt/Baum und Pferdgarten (both from our-last winter), shoes/Heelow.

Are you a urhärlig Thursday! Hug and THANK YOU cute you for reading my blog.

Had a professional bra-fitting today for the first time in my life. It’s almost embarassing that it has taken so long to figure out my proper size! xxa