How to Choose Nursing Bra

Since the reopening of the site, you are many to look at mamaNANA ideal, and many bra to do at the start of this article so well thought out by Ségolène. We therefore wanted to propose again, after having him day in turn to make these tips give you access to the models currently on sale on the site.

How to Choose Nursing Bra

Here are a few tracks based on the questions you ask us most often:

  1. I’m pregnant, nothing will me more, is that what I buy to hold up to childbirth and the early days of breastfeeding?
    During pregnancy the rib cage expands to make room for the baby.I.e. your side deviate little by little. Where this maddening sensation of the BRA that you choke at the level of the band under the bust.
    This gauge of the rib cage is even more pronounced if you’re petite and or/small originally: necessarily less there was room initially, more baby grows on your side to make its nest. So we often see pregnant women, who make around 1 m60, which have a small back (they are the 85 bra headband before pregnancy), and over the months of pregnancy, they go to 90 then to the 95…
    So, when you have this feeling of suffocation (kind there want to tear off her bra in the late afternoon), 1) compete and 2) move in size at the top (of the 85 to 90 for example.)
    Two cases however:
    -If you are in the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy, take a little leeway because the rib cage will continue a little to deviate. I.e. to take a bra you can a bit loose.
    -If you are at the end of pregnancy, you have reached your maximum perimeter at the level of the rib cage, and after childbirth, your rib cage will gradually tighten, so no need to take the margin at the level of the headband. It takes a bra that lets you breathe, but you don’t need to take the margin at the level of the headband.

What nursing bra to choose?
You gotta pick up evolutionary models: evolutionary level of the headband (4 or 6 rows of hooks on the back), or changing the level of the CAP (for example of the models that accommodate two or more Cup sizes: B/C, D/E, etc.)

The four nursing bras of the more scalable that BESTAAH particularly recommends the end of pregnancy are:
-the Bravado bra seamless. Size S, M, L, XL. Extremely scalable, with a very adaptable Cap. 4 rows of hooks on the back.

– bra Crescent of Cake. Excellent for heavy breasts with very flexible frames that provide a firm support. Thick fabric for a beautiful shapely. Go to the 100 K.
-the bra to peas of Anita and the model Foam of Cake, which has advantage to be more SLP.
-the Second Skin of Amoralia model and its big brother, the Full Bust (for heavier breasts, from F Cup). More flexible than the first support. Very comfortable, Second Skin is available in organic cotton for even more softness. 4 rows of hooks on the back. Each size corresponds to two cup sizes: B/C, D/E. etc.
If you want a look more lace, bras, Hotmilk and Cake Lingerie, although less elastic at the level of the CAP than the previous four, have the huge advantage of having six rows of hooks on the back. So if you buy put at the sixth month of your pregnancy, you can easily loosen them up over the weeks, and then tighten them after childbirth.
Level of sizes to choose a CAP that fits you well but also careful to keep enough margin to the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding. No need to systematically take over the cup size because all women will not take as much with breastfeeding (and besides you mincirez, so this will somewhat offset things, especially at the level of the back).

2. I have a heavy chest and the shape of my breasts does not correspond to the standard cuts of the market, I tried full of different nursing bra, nothing fits, I despair, what to do?
In this case where the BRA that will save you is the Gelwire of Carriwellbra.Supporting and comfortable and above all it is very versatile: it adapts to very different forms of chest so you’ll feel right in whatever your morphology. We could regret that it is available in black or white, very simple, but a new model to pea appeared in the range!

  1. I have a very round chest and heavy, I want to be well supported what do you suggest for larger sizes?
    On site we offer up to a K Cup Bras.Particularly suited to the rounder breasts models are available in the large size. Here are some models well suited to the very round breasts:

– Bra with Underwire Anita, available up to J Cup.

– Bra Anita for more generous breasts, also up to J Cup.

– Bra Paisley of Anita, to I-Cup.

– Bra Crescent of Cakeup to a K Cup.

– Model cream Crush and Grey Glamour of Mammae, up to Cup I.

And also, the Show Off of the brand Hotmilk, which goes until the 100 K and is well built to heavy (and pretty!) breasts.