How to Choose the Right Bra?

When you buy a bra, you should consider something more important than ordinary aesthetics.

The focus is on a few things: model, size, size of the cups, matter.

What You Need To Know Every Woman When Choosing a Surefire bra?

  1. To determine the size of the bra. See here how?>
  2. How do you stand? Put on a T-shirt bra stretch and you will see the beautiful form you have gotten your breasts is not too sharp or flat, but also do not know flown straps and back of the bra in the body. Move the hands in a circle to make sure that straps you stand a good one. If you are sensitive skin, the most suitable fabric is cotton. are preferred bright colors.
  3. From all kinds of bras can choose to select the best. different brands offer so shapes and patterns that each of us would be difficult. Here are our recommendations.

With Bras, Lace, Type “bridzhitka”

is suitable for ladies with “bust”, he emphasizes the figure and raises slightly bust.
Ideal clothes with seductive V-neck.
It will look more feminine and is ideal for heat when we allow ourselves to dress better.

Sports car

without bras with “militant” back, usually drawn from elastic materials with the addition of cotton.
It covers the whole breast, although not as feminine. This a special model holds back and is recommended for practicing any kind of sport.

With High Indoor Bowls

maintain good breast of all sizes. Due to the fact that the straps are not positioned laterally, they do not fall on the shoulders.
Ideal for young girls who first put a bra. This model is convenient, not distorted, seems well bust and fits well in any casual outfits.

Under Clothes Stretch

Bra cups without seams is the apt model for wearing under close-fitting clothes for your body.
They are like bras and without-with wide elastic at the bottom.
If you are padded chest acquire perfect shape.

Size F after

Holding the large bust should choose models with wide straps evenly distributing the weight on his shoulders.
Such bras, as a rule, have a supportive underwire and additional boards at the bottom of the cups.

Bra Breastfeeding

Extremely practical, its cups can be opened and closed easily.
This allows mothers to breastfeed their babies seamlessly.

Model That Increases The Bust

Cups are filled extra.
It is recommended to wear with thicker clothes.