How to Choose the Right Size Bra

Did you know that about 80% of women wear the wrong bra? Do you think that’s nothing? That nothing can happen? Error. For long-term wear can thus cause a variety of health problems such as back pain and various inflammations. Therefore, this issue should not be underestimated.

How to Choose the Right Size Bra

It is best if you can find a specialty shop where the shop assistant will advise the correct size. However, these shops are few and we have no choice but to attend the big department stores and look if something fits us. But you should not try what he likes and you should know the rules of proper choice.

The size of the cups and correct circuit

On the Internet there are many tables that tell what we are about the size. But it is not never absolute. They just have to try and try. Cup size so we find that we take a tape measure and you will read what circuit we have over boobs. The circuit is then compared with the table. It does not mean that if you come in Tables B, you’ll only wear bra size of B.

Mainly Do not look into smaller cups than you should have. Although the breasts look better in the moment when you will wear a bra, but after a few hours you will find that somehow breasts abound and it does not look very appealing. Create “the effect of double-breast”. For decollete handsome look better try something with push-up effect, but in the right size.

Most of the women errs more on the perimeter bras than in sizes. They choose him too much. While the circuit is just what breasts should mainly stick. We measure the circumference after exhalation just below the breasts. The resulting number is then rounding according to the table, but always downwards.

Let me give you an example. Under the breasts can you detect circuit 73. Logically, it should rounded at number 75 (probably one of the most common), but you chose the right bra, you should round it at number 70 (do not be afraid to try and bra with a circumference of 65). The only way you can assure that you turn on “nepoleze” up and thus lose their supporting function. The circuit would not be too free. If a right angle with your elbows and the middle of your back, you must determine whether the right. Turn bra on the first hook (so you get a full circuit), pull, and if it creates space for about two fingers, you sit circuit perfectly. Then you can select baskets that would be exactly copied breasts.

Testing and tuning the last details

If you measured everything, you can go try. Choose really the one that fits you and you feel comfortable in it. Try it calmly in a stall workout.

During normal wear, you did not even know that you are wearing a bra.

Choose a bra rather thicker straps. Narrow tend to incise. Various decorations on the straps too are not very good, especially if you have sensitive skin. Rub uncomfortably. Also, beware of it, if you bra top edge is flush with the skin. If not, you should try another. This deficiency can clearly be seen when you wear something tighter. Should not you have to push the ferrule, which should lead from the beginning to the end of the basket, especially under the breasts. Should not it therefore happen that your breasts will be contrary to climb out from under her bra.

The bra also get ahead, to see if you from her breast does not fall out. Last control as you discover that your bra fit, lifting hands over head. If the bra will not move upwards and the breasts are where they should be, you have the right.

Note: The last rule in testing is that once the shrink circuit, you have to increase the size of the cups. So, if you have absolutely fits size 75 C, try for sure until 70 D. Can you sit much better Do not worry sizes of D or F. This does not mean that you are just too large breasts.