How to Dress When You are Curvy

Every time I look at photos of streetstyle, editorials or even simply the gossip picture with an actress in evening dress or jeans and T-shirt, the thought that comes over me is always the same: “How do you Starla always good around ? “the obvious answer, and most obvious, is that often the physical (crazy and perfect) that the actresses or models are found helps a lot. If I stop and reflect for a moment really is not just the physical to help, certainly gives a good advantage, but the reality is that the most important thing is to know how to wear the right things that are able to enhance our body to better emphasize our strengths and hiding our little flaws!

Precisely for this reason I have decided to collect 5 tips for all you curvy girls who love fashion and want to dress with trendy clothes, colorful and special, without giving up your curves!

Actually in fact there are many more combinations and sexy fashion for curvy women than you can imagine, just choose the right accessories and specially wearing garments made to enhance the curves!

1. Underwear

2. dresses with cardigans and sweatshirts

– Maternity style with waist band if you have large breasts
– pattern tunic but if you have small breasts
– bell if you have the sides a bit ‘heavy.

Always remember to match them in the right way!
One trick to hide his shoulders and arms not too tonic or a little ‘shapely is to add on to dress a cardigan or a jacket that hides minor flaws and gives more “seriousness” to the look!

3. Waist

4. Prints and Fantasies

5. Shoes

Remember then remove from the wardrobe all ankle boots and ankle boots, for the low prefer sneakers type Converse All Star or flat shoes such as Superga, while for the high favorite open sandals shoes (WITHOUT ankle strap) or, even better, the classic court shoe!

Obviously banned the dancers, which you can, however, be replaced with slippers or espadrilles that slightly more slender!


Finally I remind you that the best thing of all is to know your body, understand the strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly by playing with shapes!
In fact, if you have skinny legs and an abdomen maybe a little ‘less tonic and ample cleavage opt for skinny jeans and wear shirts, blouses and tops in the large upper body!
If you have the legs and hips a little ‘turned and small breasts opt for Peplon clothes, CropTop with long skirts or dresses flared in order to enhance the face and torso!