How to Find the Perfect Bra

Set the perfect bra is not an easy task, since the wide range of models and brands that we find on the market presents multiple strains with regard to structure and fabric, although all have the same form: handles, outline and Cup support.

“All women have a lingerie drawer with all kinds of bras, of different brands and models, and results curious, that always we decided to use the same; that is not always the prettiest, but it certainly is the most comfortable and, of course, neither does it have to be one in which we have invested ”

So, the perfect bra is one that dresses without realizing you’re using and which fulfils the function for which it was designed, that is not otherwise sustain and protect the other breast and décolleté, without damaging press, leave excessive skin marks or generate discomfort.

The bra is pretty or to look good in your figure, it seems that is the key objective today to choose the appropriate BRA, but it is a big mistake. How many times in every search for the BRA, you adjust the straps, make sure that the chest belt fits perfectly, that copa is suitable or that the rings fit to the contour of the breast? The solution to prevent this ruin your day by day and finish kept in the drawer, is to give better attention when it is purchased. Discover the basic keys to choose the perfect bra, one that will become your favorite.

How to choose the Perfect Bra:

  1. Use the specialty stores, where concrete measures are taken of each woman, determining the most appropriate bra. Just so you can select the one that you provide a structured support giving a natural way to his chest, finally discovering that all your Bras become “Favorites”.
  2. How to adjust the contour range has to be at an average level, while in the adjustment of the canopy, the clothes must be perfectly adjusted and the Cup must accommodate the chest, keeping it without pressure, in your natural position. The Cup should not be, nor too little, pressing his chest and concentrating the breasts toward the Center, breaking the aesthetics of your natural shape. Or the opposite, with hearts too big, why don’t you will welcome the chest. The Cup should “embrace” the chest without pressure.
  3. Have a rough idea of the size of the bra is basic, but the breast volume changes frequently due to various factors, and the size can vary. So although you’re convinced the size you use, you should always try on clothes before buying. Not all manufacturers apply the same measures in your designs, so we often faced with different parts that end up getting well, but have different size.