How to Find the Right Cup Size of Bra

The bra is a valuable ally that accompanies any outfit. To find the perfect bra to make your breasts in value, it is essential to know your size. Then, choose to find lingerie model that will bring your optimum support breast … and the sexiest cleavage.

Find The Size Of Bra We Need

Before undertaking the purchase of a new below, it is imperative that you know what your bra size. First, measure your bust at the nipples. Next, the remakes but this time with your turn to bust. The first number gives you turn your torso. The difference between the two indicates the cap.

Bonnet difference

13 cm: Size A
15 cm: Size B
17 cm: Size C
19 cm: Size D
21 cm: Size E
23 cm: Size F

For example, if your bust is 85 cm and your bust, under the breasts, is 70 cm. 95-70 = 15 cm, the size of your bra is 95B.

If you hesitate between two sizes of bra, always choose the larger! As the sizes available from 5 to 5, you can very easily find yourself between two sizes. The staples in the back allow you to adjust more finely your bra.

If your size is between 70 and 85 A or B cup, you are part of the club of small breasts . Between 85 and 90, A or B cup, you are average. Beyond 90, and if you wear a C cup, D and beyond is that you have a generous bust.

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And The Form in?

Now that you have determined the size of bra you need, we have to know the form. Triangle bra, trash, headband or push-up, there are a lot of different models. To determine the shape that suits you best, several parameters must be taken into account, the bra size and shape.

• The classic bra with underwire provides comfort and support for all breasts, caps A to D.

• The bra without underwire is less chic but comfortable. It adapts to all types of breasts, even the buxom, with wide straps.

• The balconette, very neckline, has a rounded shape that bares the upper chest, while its plates to maintain. It is suitable for all, traces the small breasts and pigeonner the large breasts .

• The lifejacket, ok, it’s not sexy, but it gives the perfect fit for all sports. Without reinforcements, she married and supports the breast with wide elastic bands under the cups and back.

• The bustier, chic and sexy to wear in the evening under a total look femme fatale, is limited to the cups A, B or C.

• The bra trash finds ample upper chest and enhances through underwired cups. Ideal under a plunging neckline, it is available in cup sizes A, B, C and D.

• The triangle bras have been designed for small chests . Without reinforcements, this type of underwear is youthful and flattering with a fairly loose top on skinny silhouette, the support bandeau bra is recommended instead to small caps (A or B).

Playing With Its Size Bra

  • Thepush-up, padded, nicer, curvy allows the small chests. You tightens and raises the chest, a must-have accessory for your romantic evenings! The balconette padded suits all small chests. It is lined with a small pad that bounces discreetly breast. The minimizer is for cups C, D, E and F. This bra envelope breasts and tightens without compressing them.

Small Things to Know About Bras

Avoid very stretchy materials such as Lycra spandex. It’s cozy but that does not keep well.
The straps should not cut shoulders. Once set, lock them. A small stitch and your bra not. Budge
The reinforcements should never interfere.
For sport, use a bra designed for exercise. Less sexy , for more support. The one will say that too but for a perfect maintenance, always choose the right size bra. Also on aufeminin: > How to combine colors? > 5 tips to refine its silhouette > How to dress when one is round ?