How to Find Your Bra Size

The sapevata that about 70% of women wearing the wrong bra size and/or template?

Wear a bra is often necessary and, in time, becomes a habit that cannot be waived. Wear a bra wrong–maybe all day, may cause unpleasant

sensations, uncomfortable, as well as posture problems. The perfect bra so it has to be like a second skin, should not, must not score, but instead keep your back erect, support the weight of the chest and above all enhance every advantage.

To find the perfect model we must first locate the right size!

How often do we repeat our customers into the store, it is not easy to locate and can easily vary over time, and depending on the model and companies.
However, below we present a detailed explanation of how to measure the correct bra size, giving you the advice that usually we suggest when you come into the store to try on the garments.

Not enough to know only the width of the chest, serves another measure: the Cup.

The size of the Cup, identified by a letter, refers to the volume of the breast that the clothing has to hold and support.

The procedure is more simple than it looks. The first step is to have on hand a tape.
Measure the circumference under the bust or chest (C) as shown in the figure, taking care to keep the meter horizontally and tighten it underneath the breast.

Search the measure in centimeters the following table following the heading “Underbust in cm” and take note.

At this point, measure the circumference of the breast (B) as shown in figures, taking care to keep the meter horizontally, but soft.

Search the measure in column “breast Circumference in cm”; that’s your measuring cup.

For example:
• If your underbust is 77 cm, your size is a 3° or 90.
• If your bust is 94 cm, your cup size is C.
Therefore your bra size is 3° o 90 C Cup.

When you have found the perfect size there is still some little adroitness to keep in mind:

1) First when lace bra hook avoids tighten, this for your greater comfort to wear, but also to avoid the obnoxious side signs when you bring slightly tight t-shirts.

2) You should beware of shoulder pads, which are always equally regulated; It is important that this point, often overlooked, as it can cause posture problems and consequent damage. The length of the straps is never to be underestimated, because sometimes wearing a bra can be immediately close to the first perception, but become righteous once pulled the lace, or conversely a strap too tight can give the feeling of little support.

In addition to the size of Cup and chest, there are other signs, more or less obvious, that make you realize if the bra is suitable or not for your body shape.

When trying different bras make case on the following characteristics:

  • A fitting range: this is the part that does the majority of the support work, and not the shoulder pads as commonly believed.You should be able to insert one or two fingers below the belt but no more.
  • Sufficient lateral support: there shouldn’t be any piece of fabric sticking out from the sides of the cups, under the armpits.Underwired templates allow you to evaluate the lateral support thanks to the fret itself: If the end of the hard tip support toward the center of your armpit, then the bra is fine.
  • Flat-Crossing: the crossing is the point where the two come together and should stick, plate, against your chest without deviating from the balls.If you do not adjust this to your form, the bra is not for you.
  • Soft curves: wearing a cup too small often undergoes breast cuts that create a cute little effect and make out parts of the breast.Search instead for a model that follows your shape and that give you a uniform shape.

These are the little tips and the precautions that we usually recommend when we assist you in the store, but they are important information that every woman’s right to know!

For this reason we will dedicate this space within the janesportsbras, to give you some technical advice on champion sports bras, both on new trends that always techniques, what not to do and the “must have”, but we are always at your disposal for any clarification and curiosity!