How to Hide Straps and Bra?

In the summer necklines are cut, dresses and guns-more naked. So the question remains how to hide straps and bra to not see and spoil the effect of the garment. How to hide straps and bra.

The obvious choice how to hide bra straps summer are silicone straps. Many women did not like them because they are uncomfortable burrow into the skin. Furthermore, skin sweat quickly and straps around themselves, which creates discomfort. So we decided to show you other ways to hide bra straps and stylish summer or leave them on display.

Bra for Summer

For summer, choose a cut bra . The most suitable cups type bridzhitka. This type of bra, if you choose the right size for you, I can wear and strapless. Himself bra is designed not to lower it to bother you.

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Another option bra cups should not be fed through the top cut is by attaching cup bra with a small safety pin. Unfortunately, this option is less relevant because many of the summer fabrics do not allow drilling with a needle.

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Also, do not cause excessive sweating in the summer, choose a bra made from natural fabrics. Avoid cups with pads. Yes, they bust seems raised and very sexy, but the heat is unbearable.

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If you’ll need quite discreet version fitted with silicone  bra . It is virtually invisible. It covers only chest. No emerged even in thinner fabrics and backless. Its main drawback is that it is not suitable for all busts. Silicone bra is not suitable for flamboyant ladies.

Important: When you buy a silicone bra, you need to take a slightly smaller size than those who wear it. For sure always check with clerk

Braces Summer

The easiest way to hide straps when you are top, like pinch between the shoulder blades. Special plastic gadgets can be found in almost every shop for lingerie at an affordable price.

Another option is to hide straps replacing them with decorative ones.Separate sets have spectacular brace in every lingerie shop around 5lv. We recommend that you choose the most discreet and thin options close to the color of the dress or roll, which will combine them.

Turn Defect In Effect

Instead of trying to hide bra, use some tricks to show your underwear in spectacular fashion.

Slipped easily back bra. In its place put 2 or 3 elastic so that you clamp.This bra standing interest of blouses with bare back

Another option is to choose a bra in a contrasting color, which combines well with other elements of your vision. If you have a white tank top and blue shorts, bet on bra in blue. So the difference will be visible, but impressive.

Popular and convenient way to wear a bra in the summer is a pair straps front or rear. This idea was well received and decorative straps.