How to Make Lingerie Last Long

Nothing from nothing to buy that dress to party or a perfect shirt for work if the lingerie underneath don’t fulfill your role well. Bra too small leaves all scoring and does not hold the breasts, mark of the g-string under pants don’t look nice – and that everything we know.

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When you find one set of underwear that is comfortable, beautiful and still value our body, what more do you want is that it lasts forever, right? The perfect lingerie might not even be eternal in your drawer, but with some care in time to wash, dry and store, you can extend the life of your favorite pieces. Spy:

  1. The BRA does not need to be washed daily

It is recommended to wash the BRA every two or three uses, by count of the accumulation of bacteria in the armpit region and bust, which are hot areas that harbor these microorganisms. The ideal is to leave the piece in an airy place after each use.

  1. Not all fabrics can be washed the same way, you know?

When we speak of pieces made in tulle and lace, the care should be doubled, because they are very delicate materials. The suggestion is hand wash with mild soap, always very careful not to pull any wire. Microfiber and liganete already have a greater resistance, and are less prone to the appearance of blemishes.

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  1. Can I use bleach to keep my white lingeries?

Avoid! The product is not indicated, although possessing bactericidal action – which helps to combat the fungi and bacteria-because it can cause tissue damage. It is recommended that you use liquid soaps with formulas developed for finer fabrics and with special antibacterial components.

It is worth mentioning that the lingerie is a delicate piece, consisting of various raw materials of different textures and fibers and fragile, so make the intimate product wash at odds with the indicated by the manufacturer may cause premature wear.

  1. Wash the lingerie in the shower can cause tissue damage?

Truth! There are several problems to adopt this practice. First, washing at high temperatures cause damage to the fibers of the fabric and promote the proliferation of bacteria. Finally, is that usually when you wash in the shower, use common SOAP is not recommended, since your formulation has scents, moisturizers and oils which can change the color of the fabric. The ideal is to perform the washing by hand, in a maximum temperature 26 C with neutral SOAP.

  1. Save the reverse bulge can extend the life of the BRA?

Myth! In fact, this is one of the most committed errors in time to save the piece. With that, the bulge loses to your original form, forming striations and permanent deformities in her bra. The recommended is to keep open Bras lingerie drawer. In the case of other parts, such as corset or bodice, use a hanger.

  1. What’s the best way to dry the lingerie?

Ideally the piece dry naturally in the shade, on the line, as the Sun fades the color and spoils the elasticity of the fabric. As for the dryer, they damage fabrics such as lace and even lycra that soon become deformed. In addition, this kind of action just deforming rapidly the bulge structure and wears the fabric laying down the bunt. Then, pass with iron only parts made of cotton, if deemed necessary. It is not recommended to use iron in lingerie with lace and details on stones and other utensils.

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  1. The use of creams and lotions to the skin can cause stains on underwear?

Truth! Most of the perfumes and creams can stain clothes and fabric in General, if your use is continuous. In the case of perfume, alcohol of fragrances is responsible for yellowing pieces of white cotton, as well as discolor other types of materials. It is recommended that you use these products before wearing parts, leaving the skin dry for a few minutes.