How to Wear Embroidered Top

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Fashion always rescues past trends and repaginates with current influences to let women always be stylish and ready for any occasion.

Embroidery, the art of weaving in patterns and textures, decorates clothing. Embroidered shirt is no different.

Embroidery is one of oldest applied arts in the world, the technique was used by the Greeks, Romans and other civilizations dating back to centuries ago and that made this art popular among women. The work can be done by hand or in the machine, it is important to choose well the fabric that will be used to compose the look. In addition to the fabric as cotton, silk, gold thread, acrylic and others, the pieces using materials such as sequins, beads, rhinestones and others can give more charm.

The crochets have appeared quite in the summer collections but continue in autumn with skirts, cropped tops with jackets and even monkeys middle station.

An embroidered shirt makes all the difference on simple jeans and sophistication prints, and adds elegance and charisma to the visual image.

Embroidery gives authenticity to look, charm and lightness but should be combined and well thought out before used in any situation.

Who wants to invest in the look for the day, the ideal is to prevent a loaded production. Neutral pieces with elements of nature can be the option for work and happy hour.

For the evening there are many limits, embroidery gives one up in the visual gloss application that offers personality and style to the look.

The important thing to be always fashionable without exaggerating the trends is to stay attentive with accessories; test earrings and bracelets with embroidery to see if the effect is positive and enhances its natural beauty.

If the shirt has embroidery on the chest area, a necklace could end up polluting the visual image, the same goes for embroidery on the sleeve combined with fancy bracelets. A skirt in knee length and round in neutral tones may be the key piece to match embroidered shirts; discrete shoes also complete the look.

The most daring and style rocker can choose to use spikes. Embroidery can also be applied on screens and transparent surfaces that illuminate the look and leave any woman beautiful and charming.

Yoyos, beads and sequins can also be customized in blouses and enhance the feminine and delicate style.

The t-shirts with rhinestones applied are super glamorous and sophisticated to the ballad with friends.
For the autumn and winter the tip is to choose the tones less coral and more nephews as lead, wines and the little black dress every day.