Ideas for Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is famous for the wedding night and consummation of the marriage. Quite often a bachelorette party the bride or the party with gifts, which was organized on the occasion of her marriage to her, is being given such underwear that she can wear in the wedding dress or keep it for the honeymoon. Although somewhat underwear usually covers the preferences of the bride and her style of dress, this is the moment when she can experience other exciting new styles.


• According to an old wedding tradition, the bride should have something borrowed and something blue. Affordable bridal underwear can be this blue thing. Even a pair of white panties, pantyhose and bra in white can have shade or a touch of blue, such as ribbon or lace, but still not desirable all underwear is blue as can be seen through floor white wedding dress.

Elegant gown

• Nightshirts, woven from delicate white lace or silk can be an ideal choice for a romantic wedding night. This type of gown can be worn in the wedding dress, or wait hanging in the closet of the wedding suite to be dressed a little later.

Role playing

• Honeymoon is a time when newlyweds can be set adventure, so little erotic lingerie can be welcome on the agenda. Choose a dress that will allow you to play a role, such as sexy lingerie nurse, French maid or seductive housewife, so that both spouses will be able to enjoy their honeymoon as newlyweds. And for some more daring couples can include this type of underwear for the groom.

Just for fun

• In the spirit of fun and playful, you might consider to give away the bride’s someone more interesting pair of underwear. An example of this might be a pair of panties or silk top, which is embroidered “It’s taken,” “wife” or “just married.” This will definitely cause smiles and sweet sentimental mood.