If Legs Rub: Little Remedies

It’s summer and that’s wonderful. Whether your lies now the water in the sun and the surf breaks just at the beach and maybe cools your feet, or You walk in airy summer dress by your streets. Or if you have to rush from one appointment to another, it is always the same problem. The thighs rub together. It’s one of those things that people do not like talking in our society.

What to do When Thighs / legs rub?

First, I want to dispel the stereotype that this issue only know women who carry some extra pounds with it. I also know many women with the size 38, in which, because of their stance rub legs.

But athletes sometimes suffer to this phenomenon, because especially when jogging or cycling there is a danger that your thighs rub together. Before I tell you what helps my opinion, I would like to comment briefly on what can help you, if the pain is already there.

Remedies for Pain When Legs or Thighs Rub Together

In acute cases, it is important to support the skin during healing. Therefore, you should with this wound creams rub. Attempts to protect the sites in the near future something by your always covers this. In order for these wounds do not arise again, can your home remedies, such as

  • use zinc ointment, because this protects the skin particularly well.
  • Medicinal and baby powder can also help in the healing process very well.


It really is a problem, because the sores can lead to fire red, severely inflamed skin. Popularly, this process is sometimes called “to run a wolf”. Until such an inflamed skin between the thighs healed, unfortunately pass always a few days. It is also synonymous with each other. I myself fortunate that it arises only in really hot weather with me and if I’m really much in motion. I want us all to wear what we want.

It is so glorious when in summer can air and oxygen get to our skin. But when the thigh with every step rub against each other and it is above all very warm, the very very hurt. This can go so far that one for a few hours and can no longer run sometime. In my work as a stylist, I am often asked:

“Do you wear anything under your dresses and skirts?” If I then “no” answer to, always ask all what am I doing to make my thighs do not chafe.

My Personal Favorites When Legs Scrub:

I like it when it’s invisible and I have to wear any cyclists, tights or Shapewear. For those days where I’m not so much sweat as deodorant sticks (wax sticks), anti-chafing creams (Vevina) and baby powder are my current favorites, a good solution. way I dress very much like the “Silky Underwear” or “Vanilla Puff” Powder of Lush.

My favorite for hot days is the “CD Deo Balm water lily” without aluminum salts. Many swear by the “Rexona Invisible AQUAstick”. Here it is important einzucremen the wax layer well. This keeps really long with me. For me personally, these helpers are very hot days absolutely sufficient.

Baby Pillows

The advantage with baby powder is that you get it everywhere and very cheap. Just as it helps babies, it can also help us to minimize friction. However, it keeps unfortunately still not very long. One has often nachpudern and always be careful that you do not spread the powder everywhere. Nevertheless, I think this is a good way.


Thank it helps einzucremen thighs with bladder products for the feet. I like because particularly the anti-Blasengel of Balea.Yes, it sounds strange to gain with silicone products for feet relief for the thighs. But it’s just that Silkionprodukte longer remain on the skin than powder products. Many also like the silicon pin of Essence very good.

Silicone-Based Face Primer

If you have nothing else at hand, take your time face primer. Face Primer work wonderfully as a protection against sores.


Also very low and anyway present in almost every household, is the good old Vaseline. So as you can easy traces of lipstick Remove with Vaseline so easy helps Vaseline also helps to prevent chafing. Personally, I like not so good, but here you have to just try the suggestions on what is best for you you. It is advisable to take the Vaseline in your pocket, because I think that you must make improvements in a long day.


Cycling Shorts

I think every girl with this problem has begun to wear cycling shorts under skirts and dresses. This is really a very simple way to avoid this problem out of the way. I personally do not like that so much. I would recommend you to buy these pants in the sports sector. If it is really really hot, then breathable and sweat-absorbing materials are great. On not so hot days cycling shorts are also great from thin cotton and a great way for many.

Figure Former

This works just as well as the cycling shorts, but you can here additionally shape the figure. Meanwhile, the world of form laundering has become so infinitely great that I almost see myself compelled to write about something. Mir is on hot days very uncomfortable to wear because I have the feeling of not being able to breathe.

Lace Ribbons

This really is a great alternative. Lace ribbons look very pretty and for women like me, who do not like Radierhosen ideal.However, here the right size is really fundamentally important. Let yourself as advice please. The leader of the US band Singlettes and shipping costs are not so high.


I have cut my earlier nylon pantyhose to the desired length. Nowadays, there are also quite a lot of so-called Summer Tights without legs.

I would be very interested in what helped you personally. We should support all other, so that we the “wound pain” can no longer harm.