La Perla Cage Collection

The lingerie brand creates a line satin mini sticks and totally hand crafted to seduce and “caged” our men.

Femininity is in a cage, not a prisoner, but rather enhanced. The couture tradition of sculpture heads shaped by hand lives in the capsule collection by La Perla: The Cage.

The leading brand in  lingerie takes the concept of cage ( cage in French) and is inspired by the bustier launched in 2007 and worn by a sexy Victoria Beckham in the video HeadlinesSpice Girls. Because you know, every piece (or hairstyle) worn by pop star and British designer is immediately trend.

Besides the provocative corset, the new brand’s collection includes jackets, tops and bra made of carton covered with satin. A strong style for an intimate all-black entirely handmade completed by other sexy mini-bosses including underpants, high-waisted shorts and bandeau.

La Cage by La Perla  has been designed for a woman who likes to be feminine yes, but loves daring and result in feeling more sexy super. For “caged” our men short…