La Perla Underwear Fall Winter 2015-2016

La Perla Underwear fall winter 2015-2016, here is the collection of underwear more alluring.Between great classics in lace and neutral colors, between strokes and modern fabrics there is an embarrassment of choice. We discover together the new collection for cold days.

The Pearl presents the new collection of lingerie fall winter 2015-2016. A seductive line but with classy, elegant but with a touch of modernity that has always characterized the creations of one of the most popular lingerie brand . The chromatic pallette choice for this season is very traditional, basically ranging from nude shades for darker colors par excellence, even if they miss a few pastel shades. Thus we discover together the new collection of La Perla for the cold season.

The brand renews his collection with underwear lines that mix together the classic inspiration of the Pearl with new and original fabrics, such as Neoprene line Desire, a small collection of bras, panties and brassiere wear leotards under sheer garments. Whoever inwardly instead seeks that romantic atmosphere but certainly cannot resist the seductive new Leavers lace line , bras and panties playing with transparency. But the Pearl also thinks the needs of an Aesthete with a passion for refined details and also, and above all, and who always puts first priority on comfort. I mean between brassier, corsages and bras of all kinds will hardly you can not find the underwear that fits your silhouette.

Complete the new line La Perla fall winter 2016 nightshirts at night, body, slips and the new collection of tights. The Pearl is a feast for the eyes and a treat on the skin. The most beautiful garments can be found in our gallery.