Large Sports Bra Test-Find the Best Sports Bra!

Sports bra teseat is something that is interesting for the simple rson that there are ordinary women who tested Sports Bras and give their honest review, without being influenced by the stores’ or trade reviews. To help you find the best sports bra on the market, so we have compiled a list of the sports-bra as a top results in sports bra test! These sports bra test we have linked to in the text, so you should be able to find urspungskällan if necessary. In these sports bra test is therefore the test respondent’s own views and are not our or any trademark opinions!

Enjoy our great sports bra test! Hope you find a new favorite!

Sports Bra test

Here you will find a compilation of all sports bra test we found on the internet!

Sports Bra test from Test facts:

In this sports bra test focused on four things: elasticity, breathability, svettransport and fit and comfort. “Fit and comfort” were tested by a panel of four experienced athletes with bra sizes from A to C.

Casall MULTISPORTS good -test winner. Has not the best material properties but sits better on the body. No chafing seams, comfortable shoulder strap and a sports bra with good support.

Stadium’s Soc-Worst score in test, stadium’s sports bra SOC. It pinches to the uncomfortable, while the fabric is too elastic and stretch themselves too much. SOC did not give a good support, the Panel found.

Nike -Only sports bra in the test with adjustable shoulder straps, which is a plus.

H & M sports-bra-best to wick away moisture during sweaty workouts.

ICA kuriren sports bra test

The Historyaah conducted a large sports bra test with 10 different sports bra: n. Sports Bras are tested in textile and leather laboratory in Stockholm AB. Sports Bras have undergone practical experiments in the laboratory and tested by two women for a long time during their training sessions. Here we list the top 3 sports bra in the test.

Casall Multisports Good – Test Winner. The Panel gave good results with good support and a nice comfort that keeps the breasts on the spot without rubbing.

Nike Swoosh the Shape – tied for second place in the test. According to the Panel so fit sports bra for a smaller bust, when it gave great support and held her breasts in place. For a larger bust gave it but not enough support. This sports bra is suitable for quieter activities.

Stay In Place Seamless Good – Gripped shared second place. A sports bra that Wicks away moisture well. For a smaller bust got this sports bra full marks for good support and great comfort, but for a larger bust so got the not so good points.

Friskispressen sports bra test

Friskispressen tested a total of 14 different sports bra: n. Tests were conducted by the eight training habit women with different breast size, age and training background. Here we provide tips on the top 4 sports bra in the test.

Shock Absorber Plunge: test winner with 8.5 points. Hold the breasts in place while giving her breasts a nice silhouette. In addition, quite comfortable, even for bigger breasts!

Abecita Kimberly – 8.3 points. A super nice and comfortable sports bra that provides excellent support to a less or normal sized bust. Those with larger bust was not as impressed by the support.

Nike Updated Strength: 8.0 points. Supportive sports bra for a small to regular sized bust. The test persons with larger Bust did not think the sports-bra gave enough support. Is not available in our range, but a corresponding sports bra is Nike Definition.

Röhnisch Sports Good Super X : 7.9 score: A sports bra with good support capacity and comfortable with wide, supportive straps.

Stay in Place Superspor t/SuperActive: 7.9 points. A sports bra with good support, good thought some subjects because it flattened the breasts a bit too much. Sports-Bra still got high scores because many thought it was really nice.

As a summary of the different tests, we can state that Casall MultiSport Good took home the pot with 2/3 WINS. Shock Absorber Plunge took home second place because it was best in test in the first test. However, we would like to once again stress that a sports bra does not fit for everyone, but for the average, so these were sport-bra best. We recommend that you read our description of sports bra before you buy, so you know about sports-bra fits your type of breast size and form of exercise.